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taudrey live like bella smores society
Join the #taudsquad in living like Bella! 


Live like Bella is a childhood cancer foundation started and named in honor of the vivacious and wildly inspirational Bella Rodriguez-Torres, who lost her cancer battle at age 10.

Started by Bella’s family in 2013, today the Miami-based organization boasts a global reach, raising awareness and offering emotional and financial support to families affected by childhood cancer. The mission is simple: to help children with cancer maintain the same love for life that Bella had. According to the family, to “Live Like Bella” means to serve and help others. 

Taudrey supports Live Like Bella as an official S’mores Society Partner. Named after Bella’s favorite treat, the S’mores Society is a special initiative that offers donors exclusive shopping and dining perks in exchange for a monthly donation of $60. For the same amount of money spent on one cup of coffee a day, “Bella Believers” can support a tremendous cause and enjoy sweet offerings, like a taudrey shopping discount!



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