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Stay Golden Anklet Set

In a world of packed schedules, individualized communications and self-analysis overload, it’s unfortunately very easy to become self consumed. And so this week, Taudrey is encouraging you to look beyond your “selfie” and give your thoughts and support to someone in need.

From Tuesday, Sept. 2 through Sunday, Sept. 7, Taudrey will be donating 50-percent of all online sales to Jon Leon, a Miami-native currently fighting in his third bout with Hodgkins lymphoma. Proceeds will go towards helping Jon and his wife, Jenny, keep their head above water (financially) as they experience another test of strength. As a young couple living on one salary (as Jon can no longer work) and drowning in continuous hospital bills, please know that every little bit helps.

Jon was diagnosed at age 29, just as him and Jenny (his high-school sweetheart) were hoping to start a family. After his first round of treatment, he was declared “Cancer Free,” but that status was short-lived. He was soon readmitted to the hospital and pushed through a second round of chemo and a bone marrow transplant. While his response to the chemo blast and transplant were both extremely positive, Jon and Jenny have learned in recent months that his cancer has once again returned.

This upcoming Holiday season, Jon will need to live apart from this wife to undergo intense treatment and a very risky (and astronomically expensive) second, bone marrow transplant. Your support is needed more than ever.
I can personally vouch for Jon and Jenny. They are the kindest couple I know, one that inspires daily with their unshakeable bond, bright smiles and heartwarming “One Love” mantra—a nod to Bob Marley’s everlasting message of hope. Despite their struggle, and the bills that greet them each night at their door, the couple exhibits nothing but love, faith and an appreciation for every moment.

Join Taudrey in support of Jon. “Let’s get together and feel alright.”

Purchase a Taudrey piece this week and know you have supported a fight for life. My hope is that through your hand-made Taudrey piece, you will be reminded of your act of kindness as well as Jon and Jenny’s inspiring strength.

Learn more about Jon and Jenny and make a separate donation at, http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-jon-fight-cancer-2nd-bone-marrow-transplant-/123989

*This offer excludes Lil Miss Miami and Live Like Bella