taudrey: jewelry and accessories crafted and personalized by hand

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taudreys quinces is coming!

Grab your pearls, your best fit and your bestie to celebrate taudrey's big 15!

  • Taudrey - Shop our new Anniversary Collection and Permanent Pretties.
  • Aura Y Alma- Aura Readings
  • Coffee & Hair - Hair Styling
  • Miami Writes Co. - Onsite Personalization
  • and more!

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what makes taudrey extraordinary?

taudrey offers high-quality, handcrafted and meaningfully personalized accessories that are presented at affordable price points and delivered swiftly.

what is a permanent pretty?

a permanent pretty is a dainty piece of permanent jewelry that is custom fitted and micro welded as a bracelet, anklet or necklace. It is considered "permanent" because it does not have a clasp and lays seamless.

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