About Taudrey

A handcrafted and personalized jewelry company based out of Miami, FL, taudrey is prime for the thriving female who manages to look her best despite life’s hustles and hurdles. The timeless and no-fuss jewelry line aims to enhance natural style and never distract.

Always great with her hands and in love with all things feminine and sweet, Tiffany Dominguez started taudrey from her bedroom in 2009. Endlessly inspired by Audrey Hepburn, she fused her first name with Hepburn’s to launch a brand that celebrates the blend of elegance and mischief personified by the icon.

When Tiffany mastered her swift yet stern hammer swing on her carpeted bedroom floor, she established a handcrafted and hand-personalized method she and her team continue to take great pride in today. No modern technological equipment is used to produce taudrey pieces, as all are assembled and stamped with nothing more than classic hand tools and an inordinate amount of love. And with such production, taudrey pretties are sometimes imperfect. It’s believed that it’s within these imperfections where charm and character live. At taudrey, an uneven initial and small nick is not to be scoffed at, but rather smiled upon and revered as a marking of a love-filled touch.

In a world where off-the-shelf abundance overwhelms, taudrey offers jewelry with meaning. Nearly all pieces allow opportunities to express personal significance in style through sleek personalization.


Women are encouraged to elegantly flaunt what means the world to them, from the name of a loved one, to a special date, or even a #favoritehashtag. And when it comes to thoughtful gift giving, it doesn’t get any better.

And because every item is made by the #taudsquad inside the taudrey showroom, with nothing mass-produced, manufactured or personalized out-of-house, your favorite jewelry line is able to ensure intimate service and a quick turnaround.


Tiffany Dominguez



Tiffany Dominguez (known on the streets as “Tiff” and in The Jewelry Box as “the taudboss”) started taudrey in 2009, after accumulating experience in the realms of business marketing, public relations and fashion styling. Today, the immaculately accessorized owner spearheads all designs and manufacturing and is personally involved with every single piece that bears the taudrey name.

A Miami Beach resident, Tiffany lives with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-husband Javier and their French bulldog Zoe. When she’s not designing and developing your favorite pieces, Tiffany enjoys all things DIY (duh!), spending time with her love and all activities that involve the ocean and champagne. She also does Crossfit, because you definitely need strong arms to make those taudrey stunners. She’s got a contagious giggle and is a sucker for pretty much anything sparkly and/or gold, tassel banners, disco music, macaroons, truffle French fries, prosciutto pizza, and “Dancing with the Stars.”

Favorite taudrey piece: Her first design—the classic Autograph Plate

Favorite drink: Sofia sparkling wine (Francis Coppola Winery)

Danielle Telleria



Danielle Telleria (“D”) serves as director of creative and communications for taudrey. With a background in journalism and public relations, she’s got a penchant for the written word and thrives in the creative process. With a vivid imagination and wit that don’t quit, taudrey’s “dcc” sprinkles her creativity on all she can and supports the brand through the management of all company communications.

Outside of The Jewelry Box, “D” lives for travel and foodie adventures with her hubby Robert and couch cuddling with the most beautiful dachshund in the world, Charlie. The Coral Gables resident also loves movies (her no-shame favorite is “Clueless”), live music, comedy shows, play dates with her adorable nieces and nephews, mixing her favorite foods (don’t judge until you've sprinkled Rice Krispies over chocolate ice cream), and pretty much anything that induces a solid belly laugh.

Favorite taudrey piece: Gold taudrey Collar

Favorite Food: Grilled-cheese sandwiches

Waleska Hernandez



Originally from Isabela, Puerto Rico, Waleska Hernandez joined the taudsquad in March of 2015. At The Jewelry Box, “Wale” serves as manufacturing assistant and head of shipping. She’s also affectionately considered “the taudmom,” often bringing the squad homemade goodies and offering up non-stop affection and encouragement. The actual mother of twin boys and a girl, Waleska has a soft spot for Disney movies and will never turn down a plantain. And she also has arguably the most famous mango tree in Miami—the yummy yields of which she often shares with lucky customers. The warmhearted Boricua does have one vice—coffee! But that’s pretty much a prerequisite at The Jewelry Box.

Favorite taudrey piece: The Sabby Style Bracelet Set

Favorite color: Purple




Besides serving as the sweetest member of the #taudsquad (seriously, she’s the human equivalent of sprinkles), Sophia Oliva “Sophie” and/or “Soph” works as taudrey’s wholesale manger and marketing assistant. She establishes and maintains relationships with boutiques across the country and helps out with pretty much everything in the marketing realm and beyond. The darling and crafty creative has a knack for party décor. Seriously, you should see what she can create when given a theme and a Cricut machine. She also loves funny puns, Caesar salads and all shades of purple. Born and raised in Miami, Sophie has three brothers (two human, one furry) and is a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. She is currently studying public relations at Florida International University and is a proud member of the FIU LEAD Team and sisterhood coordinator for the university’s Delta Phi Epsilon chapter.

Favorite taudrey piece: Pearl of Wisdom Necklace

Favorite mythical creature: Unicorn

Zoe Dominguez



Originally from France, Zoe Dominguez joined the taudsquad when she was just a pup. Her formal responsibilities include greeting customers, managing security, modeling in photo shoots, and serving as the four-legged ambassador of the taudrey personalized dog tag collection. However, since she is the taudboss’ daughter, she often gets away with sleeping on the job and shaking her butt in front of customers. She’s got a thing for lizards, car rides and the color pink.

Favorite taudrey piece: The two-toned, personalized dog tag

Favorite food: Marshmallows