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Stay Golden Anklet Set

Hey taudey girls, Tiff here.

Can you believe I've been at this business ownership thing for 15 years?! For those who’ve been following along since the days of statement necklaces and sock buns, I don’t like to think about how old that makes us either, but here we are!

In this decade and a half, I’ve learned tons from trial and error and the good ole university of entrepreneurship. And when I reflect on the last few years, as I’ve navigated small business growth with a side of motherhood, personal rollercoasters, a global pandemic, continued economic uncertainty, and technology and business processes changing faster than it takes my gel polish to dry, I've realized that the one thing that's genuinely kept me and this little business of mine thriving, is community. I’ve been lucky enough to patchwork a network of women around me who have inspired me, dug me out of emotional and business holes, and shared resources, time, and energy through a mutual belief that a rising tide lifts all boats. Yeah, it turns out that we really are all stronger together.

So when I thought about how to pay it forward to the other Tiffanys out there and save them from some of the struggles (tears? breakdowns?) I’ve endured, I felt pulled to combine my experience and network and create a formalized community of supportive female entrepreneurs committed to personal and professional growth. Happy, successful women helping happy, successful women can cause a chain reaction that this world needs and deserves. And yes, the "chain reaction" reference is a nod to my jewelry roots!

Coming soon is the realization of my continued dreams and something that will perpetuate the foundation of the taudrey brand—empowering women, spreading joy, and celebrating life’s moments. Now, while it won’t be part of taudrey as a company per se, it will be connected as an extension of me. Think of it like another charm on my permanent pretty, right next to the taudrey charm.

My new Community will offer the following:

  • Safe spaces (socially, virtually, and physically) for women growing businesses, from entrepreneurial newbies to experienced founders looking to give back. 
  • Hubs for sharing knowledge, insight, and resources.
  • Endless networking with like-minded women and allies to forge and strengthen powerful connections.
  • Mentoring possibilities for business owners at various stages of growth. 
  • Educational workshops on a range of topics from profit-first finances to marketing to work-life balance.
  • Transformative experiences through virtual and in-person events and retreats that will be curated to promote business growth while focusing on the mental and physical wellness of the founder. 
  • Motivation, support, and kinship on a path that is so often lonely and plagued with self-doubt.

Please sign up for my new newsletter to follow along as this Community grows, and stay tuned for our first experiences and offerings.

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