Stay Golden Anklet Set

I know right, how can taudrey be 14 when I’m so young?! 😂 I started this company when I was in my early 20’s, and it’s been 14 years of beading, stamping, researching, reinventing, failing, and succeeding.

I always reflect on this time of year, and as I reach another milestone, with my taudrey team by my side, I have so many mixed feelings. Do I wish I was farther along? Of course. But that’s the overachiever in me. I’ve always reached for more. Wanted more. And that’s what has gotten me this far. I’ve got big goals and big dreams. But the destination is not the top, it’s the journey. {Queue Miley Cyrus}

There have been over 62,000 taudrey Shopify orders (let’s get to that 100k so we can get a Shopify plaque). Not including thousands of Today Show orders from being on Jill’s Steals and Deals (three times!), and over 10,000 units in just QVC orders. 🙌🏼

So I want to thank you for your support, believing in taudrey, and taking a part in this journey. Afterall, it’s because of YOU, our taudrey community, that we can even reach 14 years.

THANK YOU for shopping with us. We understand that you can shop anywhere and endlessly appreciate you for shopping taudrey. It is our pleasure to craft your pieces and inspire you through our work and culture.

THANK YOU to my amazing team of strong females behind me. Wale, Grace, Mallory, Jen, Sabrina, Yuki, Paola and Emma, I appreciate you endlessly. You ladies have been there for me more than you will ever know.

I'm well aware that you can only be as strong as your team is, and man are my girls resilient!  I strive to provide a supportive, amazing, and successful workplace for my team. A workplace where there is freedom, flexibility, and encouragement. Our taudrey culture truly starts from within the jewelry box.

Today and always, we’re working hard to empower women and strengthen communities, one personalized pretty at a time. We hope you feel all the joyful feels when you wear your taudrey pretties.

THANK YOU for supporting our small business. You're supporting the ambitions of a hardworking (and sassy!) group of females, and their families. We hope you truly feel the love poured into taudrey. 

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way that I wanted to share. I hope this inspires you:

  •   If it was easy, everyone would do it.
  •   We CAN do hard things.
  •   Practice gratitude every day.
  •   Prioritize your favorite things. No one else will do it for you!
  •   You can be a good mom, boss, friend, and wife all at the same time. You don’t have to choose one.
  •   Family is everything.
  •   It’s ok to say no.
  •   Mental and physical health comes first.
  •   Do what you love with the people you love. We spend majority of our time at work. Spend your life doing what fills your cup and with people that make you better.