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With a sense of style that's equally as fabulous as her enviable flowing locks (seriously, the #taudsquad has major hair envy), Jackie Roque is the darling brunette behind bicoastal blog, Trust us, she's got more than just a dash and we were lucky enough to have her answer our 21 questions.

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1. Name and City? Jackie Roque. Miami, FL and Los Angeles, CA. 

2. Blog name and how it came to be? Dash of Panache. Panache is really one of my favorite words. It means “confidence of style” with spirit and zest.

3. What message do you aim to communicate to your followers? Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Every female has an inner fashionista.

4. Guilty Pleasure? French fries.

5. Coffee Order? Iced latte with three shots and a dash of cinnamon.

6. What’s your favorite taudrey piece? I’ve always loved my California Gold Bracelet. It serves as a sweet reminder of my love who lives in Los Angeles. The bracelet is hand stamped with his initial. Lately, I’ve also been loving my suede chokers—the Wrapper’s Delight and Persuede styles.

7. What’s your best piece of advice for taking a selfie? Seek good lighting. Go outside and try standing against a wall.

8. What’s the most significant taudrey piece you own? My Social Media Plate. It was my very first taudrey piece!

9. Gold or silver? Gold!

10. Describe taudrey in one word? Personal.

11. What music are you loving right now? I’m obsessed with Vance Joy. I actually had the chance to see him in Miami. Amazing show!

12. What do you think makes taudrey shine so bright? The meaning that each piece can have. Jewelry is something that’s very personal, so I love that you can make each piece special.

13. Favorite food? Steak. I can eat it every day.

14. Favorite movie? I have too many!

15. Any tips for wearing/layering your taudrey? Start with delicate pieces and work your way up to statement pieces and beads. And don’t be afraid to mix colors and metals.

16. Current favorite trend? Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses

17. How does taudrey compliment today’s trends? The pieces go with everything! I wear certain pieces every day.

18. Whose style do you admire? Blogger Julie Sariñana (Sincerely Jules) and Taylor Swift.

19. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I’m very straightforward and honest. People think I’m just being nice but I always tell the truth.

20. Best piece of fashion advice? Don’t listen to trends. Always wear what makes you feel beautiful.

21. Define what it means to be a taudrey girl. Natural and one-of-a-kind.

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