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The #taudsquad has spent the month of November in reflection. We've made it a point to spend a little time each day thinking about and sharing what we're most grateful for. Heading into our very, very hectic holiday season (of which we're ridiculously thankful for!), it was important for us to reflect on the people, places and things that make our worlds whole. We even dedicated our office board to the idea! From health and family to iced lattes and fresh manicures, we're a very, very thankful squad. 

And because we're all about making things personal, here's what each member of the #taudsquad is a little extra grateful for this year. 




Tiffany (the #taudboss)

I'm most thankful for another year with my family, especially my amazing high-school-sweetheart-turned-hubby, Javier, and my delicious Minnie-Mouse-loving toddler, Siena. Siena’s smile and little sweet voice (and the amazing way she says "mama") brightens every day. And Javier, well, you'll never meet anyone better than him. Oh, and I can’t forget our taudrey mascot, my French bulldog, Zoe. There’s something about her snore that brings me joy.
Some other favorites this year include red wine and Rachel Hollis and the Goal Digger Podcast


Danielle (creative + communications)

I'm ridiculously grateful to have my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and this year has been heavily marked by her surgery, recovery and radiation treatment. I'm immensely grateful that she's doing great and equally thankful that this dark time brought us that much closer, taught me immeasurable life lessons and showered me with endless examples of strength and grace. 
I'm also totally crazy thankful for my new hobby, ballroom dancing!


Grace (collections manager + crafter)

I'm most thankful for my beautiful, happy and healthy family. I love watching my son Jude grow and learn new things. One of my favorite parts of each day is when he tells me all about his day. And earlier this year, we added a new babe to the family, our baby girl Ruby! She's 7 months old now and has the most beautiful brown eyes and a contagious smile. She's fiercely crawling and her vibrant personality shows more with each passing day. I'm also forever thankful for my husband, Asterio, and that I get to do this crazy thing called life by his side. And I can't forget all of my other family members who graciously help me manage my munchkins. 
I'm also very thankful for concealer and hair irons that help me look like a semi-normal person. Couldn't live without them!


Wale (crafter)

Besides my amazing husband, twin sons, daughter, and two crazy dogs, I'm very thankful for my healing knee. Earlier this year, I shattered my knee cap and the recovery was quite difficult. But with each passing day, I'm getting stronger and am so grateful for that strength and my health. I'm also thankful for my happy and friendly work environment at The Jewelry Box! 
But on a lighter note, I love that starbursts are now available in all-pink packs


Jen (showroom manager + crafter)

I'm grateful for all the lessons learned, through the good times and the not-so-great times. I’m thankful for all of the beautiful sunsets I enjoyed with my husband, Jose, and my dog, Sally (aka "La Chica"). And for joining the #taudsquad and being surrounded by some of the most amazing and beautiful women I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As we get ready for the holiday madness, I’m grateful to be going in with a team that hustles hard and knows how to have fun while doing so. I’m looking forward to what 2020 has in store, because 2019 has been one heck of a rollercoaster. But who doesn’t love a good rollercoaster?!
I'm also pretty grateful for AirPods. They live up to the hype and have proven to be game changers for me!