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We know Mother's Day can be overwhelming. There's a lot of pressure to thank mom for each and every amazing thing she's done your entire life. But don't worry. You have the #taudsquad! And we're making life easy with a detailed gift guide that will point you in the right direction and even present tips on how to best personalize.

For the...

Oh-So-Proud Momma: Top Title Necklace

taudrey top title necklace mom

Don't get us wrong, all moms are proud. But this one wants to shout her pride from the rooftops, or at least from a delicate handcrafted necklace. This pretty piece, accented with pearl letters that spell out “MOM,” is as versatile as momma and can be worn as a short necklace or choker.

New Mom: Momma Bear Necklace

momma bear necklace mom date personalized necklace

She just brought life into this world, and besides a long nap and heavy pour of chardonnay, this pretty necklace is exactly what she needs! Personalize the gold pretty with the year that made her a momma!

Sentimental Mom: Meet Me in the Middle Bangle Set

taudrey tri color personalized mother day bangle set

This momma always has tissues in her purse. Hey, big girls DO cry! And we say, bring on the tears with this sweet set that can be personalized to perfection. Personalize with the names of her children, birth dates, the coordinates to the hospital(s) where she became a mom, or a sweet quote!

Boss Mom: Bead Boss Bracelet

taudrey personalized beaded bracelet set colorful mothers day gift

She's a mom-entrepreneur and inspires all with how much she can accomplish in a day while looking fab. Gift this crazy-busy momma a fun set of beaded bracelets that can be personalized with her initial or a fun symbol, and that best of all, can be thrown on seamlessly while running out the door on a hectic day! 

Step Mom: Life Gave Me You Bangle Set

taudrey step mom bracelet let you didn't give me life life gave me you

This new bangle set was specifically designed for all those "bonus moms" out there. Sweetly personalized with the sentimental quote "you didn't give me life, but life gave me you" the tri-color set honors the idea that motherhood need not be defined by biology. 

Honorary Mom: Bonus Mom Necklace

taudrey bonus mom personalized necklace

She's not your mom but her love for you knows no bounds. Perfect for that special step mom, aunt or grandmother, or even that mom of a friend you share so much with, this gold pretty will give her all the warm and fuzzies this Mother's Day. 

Mother of Two or Three: On the Rise Necklace

taudrey on the rise personalized charm necklace

This pretty necklace is the wearable gold equivalent of a family tree! Personalize with the kids' initials and make sure to position the charms in age order, with the youngest child on the smallest charm. If she's a mother of two, opt for a heart stamp, or the initial of her significant other, for the extra charm. 

Mother of Four: Destiny Necklace

taudrey destiny personalized heart charm necklace

This four-charm necklace is PERFECT for the brave mom of four, as each heart charm can be personalized with a child's initial. And it's our opinion that she also deserves some sort of medal! 

Trendy: Gold Medal Necklace

taudrey mom day mothers day gift gold medal personalized layered medallion necklace

She's the total "cool mom" you borrow clothes from. She's more on top of trends than the latest issue of Vogue and deserves (besides being on the cover of Vogue!) a fun, pre-layered necklace that celebrates the medallion trend. Personalize it with her initial because she totally warrants the attention! 

Dog Lover: Dog Mom Necklace

taudrey dog mom stamped dog paw mothers day gift necklace

Whether you agree or not, dog moms are moms. And honestly, if you don't agree, we're not sure we can be friends. She'll delight in our sweet, paw-stamped necklace (available in gold, rose gold and silver!) and cherish it almost as much as her darling pup! 

Sports Fan: Sports Mom Necklace

taudrey sports mom personalized sports ball necklace

She's the best at stats and after-game snacks! Gift the special sports lover in your life this fun necklace she'll wear proudly to every game. You can choose from four stamp details (baseball, soccer ball, basketball, or volleyball) and opt for the adjustable necklace to be made in gold, rose gold or silver. 

Best Friend/Sister: Future is Female Necklace

taudrey future is female girl power personalized womans necklace mothers day

Whether she's your sister by blood or friendship, show her just what a force she is with this sweet, multi-charmed necklace that's available in gold, rose gold and silver. With each charm able to be personalized with "wife," "boss," "bff," "sis," "mom," or "tia," you're free to create a powerful and inspiring message she can wear daily. Cheers to stylish girl power! 

Pearly Gal: Jackie Plate Necklace

taudrey jackie pearl accented plate necklace

She's the momma that oozes effortless and classic style. She makes a colored shirt look ultra chic and has never had a bad hair day. Trust us, she's going to gush over this pearl-accented plate necklace. Personalize with her name, "mom" or any other fun title! 

One with the Mini: Chip off the Old Block Bracelet Set 

taudrey mother daughter mommy and me beaded personalized bracelet set

If she's the kind of momma that lives to match perfectly with her mini, this mommy-daughter set is more than ideal! The matching beaded pretties twinkle in the sun and well, they're just the cutest things ever. Personalize hers with "mommy" or "mom" and the tiny version with "mini" or the child's name. 

Pretty in Pink: Tickled Pink Ring

taudrey tickled pink personalized rose gold stackable ring set

Does she always opt for pink nail polish? Does she have a pink phone case and pink couch pillows? Well, then this little number is for her! Featuring a rose-gold band that can be personalized, the ring stack also features the most darling pink-tinged pearl "skinny" rings. 

Favorite Aunt: Brave or Tia Mini Coin Necklace 

taudrey brave necklace personalized large coin gold necklace

taudrey personalized tia necklace

Aunts and "tias" (aunts in Spanish) are the absolute best. They offer a special kind of love that can't be measured but can always be appreciated! Don't forget her this Mother's Day! For the "auntie," shop our Brave Necklace and personalize it with her title. And for the Spanish speakers, gift "tia" our darling Tia Mini Coin Necklace!

Grandma: Brave Necklace or Best Abuela Bracelet

taudrey personalized large coin necklace

taudrey abuela beaded bracelet gold beads pearl mothers day gift

We could write an entire book on just how much we adore grandmothers. They are the leaders of all a family's love, have the greatest advice and give the warmest hugs. They deserve the absolute greatest version of Mother's Day appreciation! For "grandma," shop our Brave Necklace and personalize it with her title. And for the Spanish speakers, gift "abuela" our sweet Best Abuela Bracelet that can be personalized to read "best aba," "best abi," or "best abu," and is available in both a gold-beaded and pearl version. 

Candle Lover: Girl Power Candle Set

taudrey girl power candle gift set personalized gold layered necklace pearl bangle pearl studs

Did you know we now have a candle! Yup, and she's going to love it more than a spa day. Actually, the candle is practically a spa day with its ultra-soothing lavender scent! Gift your candle lover this sweet set that features our amazing new candle, plus a personalized necklace, pearl bangle and pearl studs!  

Traveling Momma: Out of Office Passport Holder

taudrey leather embossed personalized blush navy passport holder mothers day gift

Every jet-setting momma needs a stylish passport holder! Personalize our sleek version with her initials or "mom." It's available in both blush and navy and features pockets that are spacious enough for traveling family pictures! 

Ultimate #taudreygirl: Gift Card

taudrey gift card

Does the special gal in your life just loveeeeee taudrey and you're not sure what she has already shopped for herself? Fear not! Shower her with a gift card! Our physical cards can be shopped in store and electronic versions can be purchased online. And if you want to make things really special and have us create a custom shopping code for her (i.e., BESTMOMTIFFANY), email danielle@taudrey.com!