Coping Tips from the #taudsquad


All of this change and uncertainty can be unsettling, to say the least. I mean, it's kind of impossible to not let a global health crisis get to you, right? So, we have a question, you good?

Read on for some coping tips from the #taudsquad. While we're surely not experts, we wanted to share what's been working for us.

Focus on breathing techniques aimed at relaxing the mind. Just as anxiousness can change your breathing, the opposite is also true. Deliberate, slow and focused breathing can change your anxiety. Headspace has some amazing breathing exercises, and they’ve opened up tons of free meditations to help everyone get through this wave of chaos.
And we’re actually not talking about germs here. Limit your exposure to damaging negativity. This is different for everyone. News updates, death-toll tickers, social media, and/or a friend who's bringing you down. Now, we’re not saying to shut off the news forever, abandon a friend in need or live in denial of what’s going on. But trust yourself to know when it’s getting to be too much. Think of these limits as giant Clorox wipes safeguarding you from negative spirals.
Being in quarantine and practicing social distancing doesn’t have to mean silence. We’re so lucky to live in a time when our loved ones are just a video chat away. We recommend virtual happy hours with friends or even content creators (follow @kellysaks now!) and video calls with your elderly loved ones. Send virtual hugs, have video dance offs and blow lots of kisses. Oh, and send funny memes. They help.
In this wildly uncontrollable time, it’s important to focus on what we can control, like our thoughts, actions and kindness. And we must try to let go of all we cannot control. We know, this one is way easier said than done. Like, wayyyyyyy easier said than done. But together, let’s give it a shot, OK?
They say a grateful mind is like a garden, something that requires constant work and attention. And haven’t we all wanted to start a sustainable at-home garden? The #taudsquad has been starting each day with a team video call, during which we each share what we’re grateful for that day. Focusing on what we have, in a time when it seems the world is focusing on what we don’t, is a small something with a big impact.
Let that sun shine brightly on your pretty face, girl! Now more than ever, it’s important to step outside, even if that means your balcony, and feel the sun. Do it for AT LEAST five minutes each day and don't forget about your social distancing in the process. Can we make daily #quarantinesunselfies a thing?
Remember that we’re all in this together. Remember that this isn’t just affecting you. Remember that everyone is feeling it. And remember to practice that Golden Rule. Oh, and this also means to practice kindness toward yourself. Certain moments will be harder than others. One day you'll feel like a crisis superhero and the next, a tossed-out dried-up bottle of hand sanitizer. Give yourself some self-love grace.
You know those virtual happy hours and meeting we’ve been talking about? Well, we say, dress up for them! No, we don't mean throw on a gown and heels, although we wouldn’t be opposed to that. But doing your hair, tossing on some taudrey accessories and differentiating at-home looks from pajamas, will make a difference in your mood. Promise!
Now is NOT the time to skip what keeps you healthy mentally, whether that’s vitamins, medicine and/or outside guidance and professional help. We appreciate that this time is especially tasking on those who already suffer from anxiety, depression and/or other mental heath issues. Many counselors, coaches and therapists are seeing patients and clients virtually. Make your appointments! And if you need further help, we encourage you to seek it. For those struggling, the National Alliance on Mental Illness offers up endless services, including a crisis text hotline.
There’s just something about giving back that feeds the soul. It reminds us that we’re a global community and brings brightness. We encourage you to consider supporting other small businesses, as well as causes and organizations supporting those in need right now. Here are some of our favorites.