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Stay Golden Anklet Set

taudrey team image


The #taudsqaud, the hardworking and sassy team that runs your favorite handcrafted and personalized accessories company, is competing to win a FedEx Small Business Grant Contest


Well, we’re hoping to use the funds to continue to scale our business and provide new personalized pretties that encourage women to celebrate themselves and life’s best moments. Moreover, funding will allow us to offer a stronger brand and improved customer service, continue to support thriving female careers and strengthen our culture of female empowerment and fun.


You see, one of the many things we’re being judged on is votes! So if you could take a few seconds of your time (we promise, it literally takes five seconds!) to share your vote through the image below, we’ll love you more than we love personalized goodness. And that’s a lot. Oh and you can vote, if you’d like, once every 24 hours through April 1, 2019.


Taudrey will not provide any incentive whatsoever for votes.