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Stay Golden Anklet Set

And because it's just not taudrey if we don’t “make it personal,” read on for an honest Mother’s Day message from the #taudsquad and some behind-the-scenes sweetness!


When Covid-19 pulled the rug out from under the world in March, our team shut down our showroom (The Jewelry Box) to customers and implemented a restricted business flow adhering to social distancing rules. We put in place work-from-home plans and a staggered schedule for crafting and shipping. It's wild to think it’s been nearly 60 days since we were all in the same room at the same time, saying aloud with hopeful hearts that we'd be fully back and all would be well for Mother’s Day, our second busiest season of the year. It’s been two full months since we scratched ALL of our 2020 plans, and like so many businesses, made the greatest PIVOT in our history. 


Throughout this pandemic, we’ve continuously decided as a team to use taudrey as a place for moments of escape and joy for customers and an avenue through which to give back.


We quickly pivoted all marketing efforts and focused on connecting with our #taudreygirls the way we’ve always cherished connecting with them at in-person events and inside our showroom. We opened up communications through social media and our web chat to essentially constant, implemented virtual live sales on Instagram (Yay for Sip -N- Shop Thursdays!) and changed our weekly in-showroom “taud talks” to recorded Zoom calls. And our #taudboss Tiffany hosted events, produced how-to videos and both participated in and led interviews, all virtually!


Fresh connections with customers proved well received, and we headed into the Mother’s Day season with our largest order count to date!


Now was it smooth sailing to craft and ship on a holiday deadline amidst a pandemic? Far from it. Covid-19 restrictions and supply-chain issues limited some of our vendors (at times, from one second to the next) and shipping issues mounted. We also struggled with the management of transferring teeny tiny materials from home offices and back. And then of course, there were the complications of actually working in staggered schedules, keeping everyone safe and healthy, and carrying on business at our respective homes while juggling personal needs.


But we did our absolute best and hope customers truly feel the love poured into each taudrey pretty. And despite the hurdles this global crisis has forced us to jump, we’re filled with so much gratitude. Our team is healthy and our business is being used as a means to spread joy. We very much understand how significant that is and it's not being taken for granted. With sickness and unemployment news unescapable, we’re so thankful it makes us emotional, and we only hope to pay it forward. And stay tuned, we will.


And just like the shiny gold chains we use to make our pretties, the #taudsquad has proven we're only as strong as our weakest link. And every link on our necklace of a team is well, strong as hell. In this dark time, we’ve come together as a family, cared for one another and gone above and beyond to keep taudrey’s sun shining in the gloom.


We hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes pics, and thank you for shopping with us.


Today and always, we’re working hard to empower women and strengthen communities, one personalized pretty at a time.