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Stay Golden Anklet Set
We’re obsessed with the way the right pretties can transform your outlook and help your true self shine at the same time. here are some tips on how the #taudsquad accessorizes meaningful jewelry!

Make it Meaningful

It’s the special piece of jewelry that mom gave you on your wedding day. It’s the necklace engraved with the initials of someone special. It’s love and energy all wrapped into one. It doesn’t have to be something that someone gives to you, either. It can be something you give yourself that’s tied to a special occasion or feeling. The point is that it makes you feel. That’s when you know it’s meaningful.

Own Your Color

Colors are personal. You’ll stumble across all kinds of guides informing you of your “best” hues based on your skin tone. It’s completely fine to follow those, but we’re all for letting your real self shine by wearing colors you love best. Stack up our bold Color Me Cool or Get Charmed Bracelets to make any outfit pop!

Embrace What Works

Just because something is popular doesn’t make it pertinent to your life. That said, we’re all about experimenting and having fun because, well, that’s just the taudrey way. And how can you know if it’s right for you if you don’t give it a test drive? But ultimately it’s all about being true to you. These are the pretties that really measure up to you in all your glory.