Stay Golden Anklet Set

We love, love. Like, quite possibly as much as we love dainty personalized jewelry. So when the two are combined, we shoot Cupid a high five and smile big. Read on for the most perfect Love Day Gift Guide. No matter who you're shopping for, we've got you covered. 

Oh, and if you think we've missed something, feel free to peruse our entire "Love Day" collection here!

Here's what to buy...

The Sappy One: Rose Infinity Necklace... Gift her this layered stunner, complete with a rose-gold-heart accent and infinity-symbol detail, and she'll be doodling hearts for days.

taudrey rose infinity necklace layered rose gold heart personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Trendsetter: Love Loop Choker... Trust us, she loves chokers. Better yet, she adores dainty gold chokers that are prime for layering. 

taudrey love loop choker necklace Valentine's Day Gift


The Mom: Pretty Please Bangle Set... She'll definitely appreciate the generous personalization offered by this tri-metal (gold, rose gold and silver) bangle set. There's enough room for the hand stamping of each child's name and more.

taudrey pretty please bangle set personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Newlywed: Skinny Date Plate... Help her keep her special day alive with this sweet gold-bar necklace that's hand stamped with her wedding date.

taudrey gold personalized date plate necklace personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Bestie: Ride or Die Key-Chain Set... She's your ride or die and these matching metallic key chains - hand stamped with "bestie" - tell the world that your bond is legit. 

taudrey taudrey bestie best friend key chain personalized set Galentine's Day Gift

The Main Main: Dream Guy Gift Set... Your stud is about to get even cuter with this dreamy set that's complete with personalized collar stays, a tie bar and cuff links. 

taudrey dream guy set cufflinks tie bar collar stays personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Groom: Deep Pockets Keepsake... Whether he's heading down the aisle or recently did, he'll love this special personalized keepsake that's the size of a credit card and fits perfectly in any wallet. Plus, we've heard wallets get pretty empty during wedding planning, so he's probably got plenty of room for this sweetie. 

taudrey deep pockets wallet keepsake personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Child's Teacher: Pretty Little Pearl Bracelet... Each and every day, she takes care of and teaches pearls of wisdom to your little one. She totally deserves this pearl slide bracelet that can be personalized...and maybe some wine.

taudrey pretty little pearl gold slide bracelet personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The Sister: With my Rose Stack... Some days she's a thorn, but most of the time, she's a rose. Show sissy some love with this sweet and personalized bracelet set, featuring bronze- and rose-colored beads.

taudrey with my rose beaded bracelet set rose gold bronze beads personalized Valentine's Day Gift

The “I need to get her a little something” person: Twinkle Bracelet... She's the star in your life that always goes the extra mile. Show her just how special she is with this dainty star-accented bracelet. 

taudrey twinkle star accent gold bracelet Galentine's Valentine's Day Gift