Pretties that hold sentimental value throughout the test of time will always be taudrey’s aim. You know we love to make things personal, but now we’re making it personal and permanent with our special edition to the taudrey luxe collection, permanent pretties.
From commemorating an eternal bond with a loved one and to having a one-of-kind experience that will be one for the memories; permanent pretties are the sprinkle of joy that serves as a reminder to make your every day pretty and golden
Making it Permanent
We are always on the hunt to elevate, enhance, and expand our pretties to make taudrey stay true to our essence while incorporating modernity. And when the trend of permanent jewelry blew up on social media apps like TikTok, we instantly wanted to hop on the trend because it showcases our taudrey luxe collection to the limelight with 14k gold pretties that can endure every chapter in the book of your life.
How it Works
We're proud to say that taudrey is now one of South Florida’s very own small-businesses that offers permanent jewelry. When you arrive to our Coral Gables Showroom, you can choose from our 14k gold chains and of course you can make it personal with our dainty charm selection. Once you customize your own, our crafters will custom-fit it to your wrist and weld your permanent pretty on!
We can’t wait for you to have this experience and make this a forever memory! These dainty pretties will last you a lifetime.