Stay Golden Anklet Set
Party-goers, buckle up for a ride to memory lane to celebrate what is and what is only to come for our 13th Birthday Celebration on Saturday at 8 p.m. The event will take place at Strawberry Moon in The Goodtime Hotel, Miami Beach. Let’s just say the #taudsquad didn't come to play with the party planning this year because we’ve got so much in store for our gals who stick with us through thick and thin, so this is not just a celebration of taudrey, but a celebration of YOU.
Last but most certainly not least for our month long celebration, this week we’re going to give the last piece of the b-day cake to Isa!
As the Brand + Marketing Manager, Isa is the brains behind the communications & aesthetic of taudrey with of course her pup, Olivia, by her side. Here are 13 things she’s loving this month!
dibs beauty sticks
The Dibs Beauty Desert Island Duo has become my new favorite beauty item! The pigment stays on all day, and blends super well. I’ve always used powder bronzer and blush and I am so glad I made the switch! It has elevated my daily makeup immensely while still looking natural.
nuFACE mini
I've had the NuFACE Mini Facial Device for 2 months and it’s an absolute game changer! It lifts, defines, adds glow, and definitely helps keep your face looking lifted and more awake.
one size beauty balm 
The One Size Turn Up the Base Blurring Foundation evens out my skin tone and makes my skin look incredible! I highly recommend this for someone who wants coverage but still wants to look like they aren’t wearing makeup.
hourglass concealer
Clearly, you can already tell I'm a beauty junkie! Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer continues to be a holy grail product for me. I’ve tried EVERY concealer and this is the first one I’ve found that’s full coverage & not cakey
grandeLASH serum
I was totally skeptical about this product but it actually works! The GrandeLASH Serum has given me the lashes of my dreams. When I tell people these are my real lashes, they are shocked!
abercrombie jeans
I swear by the Abercrombie Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jeans! These are my new favorite go-to pair of denim for any occasion. Super comfortable and very flattering!
my agnes nail salon
My Agnes Nail Salon in the Gables is so cute and has the BEST service. If you are in Miami, you need to do your nails here!
best breakfast spot
Located in Downtown, Miami, All Day is by far the BEST breakfast spot! They are super authentic - serving a simple, yet delicious brunch menu. Order the Lavender Oat Milk Latte when you're there!
saturdays at the dog park
My pup, Olivia, has become my partner in crime and now running buddy! On Saturday mornings, we've been going on a mile run and then play fetch.
milan necklace
As seen on style icons like Harry Styles and Carrie Bradshaw, pearl necklaces are the most iconic accessory! The Milan Necklace looks effortless layered with a t-shirt or even with a satin dress on a night out.
calypso necklace
The Calypso Necklace is a must-have for layering this summer. It pairs well with any pretty and adds a subtle pop of color!
muy feliz necklace
Accented with a mix of colored beads, pearls, and dainty chains, the Muy Feliz Necklace is my favorite statement piece of the season!
la mer earrings
The La Mer Earrings will take your outfit to the next level! Pearls are one trend that will go out of style, trust me!