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taudrey thankful message
While it can seem like this week is solely dedicated to overeating and shopping, we all know it’s about stopping to appreciate what and who we’re thankful for.

And the #taudsquad is oh-so thankful for you.
It's because of you that we’re able to fulfill our dreams of creating meaningful accessories and cultivating an empowering community for taudrey girls of all ages.
By supporting our small business, you're supporting the ambitions of a hardworking (and sassy!) group of females, and their families.

We understand that you can shop anywhere and endlessly appreciate you shopping taudrey. It is our pleasure to handcraft your pieces and inspire through our work and culture.
At taudrey, we make it personal for you because it’s personal for us.

Thank you.


And because sharing is caring, here’s what the individual members of the #taudsquad are extra grateful for this year. 


TIFFANY (designer & #taudboss)

"I’m most thankful for my baby girl, Siena! She's brought my husband Javier and I the most overwhelming joy. I never thought it possible to love someone how I do my chubby girl. On a related note, because of Siena, I’m also quite thankful for coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. And wine. Coffee and wine!" 


DANIELLE (communications & creative) 

"Nieces and nephews! Before 2018, four little ones called me “Tia D.” And five more were added to my crew this year. Learning through them and making them laugh (I’m really good at it, ask Siena!) has brought me immense joy. I’m also ridiculously thankful for my local Madewell store! Although my hubby doesn’t share those sentiments."


WALE (crafter)

"I’m always and forever thankful for my family. My husband, two sons and teenage daughter surely keep me on my toes, but I’m endlessly grateful for their support. And this year, I’m extra thankful for pumpkin spice coffee creamer!"


GRACE (crafter)

"I'm so thankful for my healthy, growing family. My husband, baby boy and I are thrilled to be welcoming a mini #taudreygirl to the family in the Spring! And this may or may not be because I’m preggo, but I’m also very thankful for chocolate chip pancakes."


NATY (marketing assistant)

"I'm most thankful for all of the strong women in my life. I will never stop learning from my grandma, mom and sister. And to make things even sweeter, my baby niece joined the gang this year. I’m also really thankful for iced matcha lattes!"


RIANNA (marketing intern)

"I’m most thankful for my parents, who continue to support all of my decisions. They’ve given me every opportunity and I’m forever grateful. I’m also thankful for the Kardashian babies who came into the world this year to continue both the Kardashian legacy and my daily entertainment!"


LAUREN (customer service intern)

"I'm especially grateful for my Mom. She has encouraged me this year to grow and reach for the stars. Without her, I would not be as confident and independent as I am today. I'm also super thankful for the Mamma Mia comeback!"