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On Mother's Day, we honor the awesomeness (and beauty and strength!) of superhero mothers and all women! 

Our all-female squad is sending love to all the mommas and mother figures out there — working moms, stay-at-home moms, step moms, bonus moms, dog moms, honorary moms, future moms, aunts, grandmothers, and beyond!

You’re killin’ it. You’re amazing. And we admire you.  

And because making it personal is (literally!) our job, read on for a crazy-honest real-talk reflection and behind-the-scenes goodness.


taudrey mother's day

Whoa, Mother’s Day! It gets a little wild around The Jewelry Box during Mother’s Day. But before we dive into the nutty, we need to share our genuine appreciation for the madness.


It’s an honor for us to craft and present pretty pieces that celebrate moms and females. Thank you for trusting us and supporting our hardworking small team. It makes us all emotional (seriously, we cry nearly as much as we laugh!) thinking about how special it is that we get to do something we love, and that it brings joy to others. We’re inspired by your stories and feel privileged to get to know our customers as we “make it personal” and craft pieces that celebrate life. 

This Mother’s Day season, our small team worked harder than ever. You see, we are a very small team. The #taudsquad is composed of just four full-time members and one part-time assistant. And we headed into Mother's Day mania down 1.5, with one sweet crafter on maternity leave and another on partial leave due to injury.

With a strong culture that aims to help working women evolve and never hinder growth, we supported our staff members and (literally!) hammered away. But continuing to grow a business while crafting and presenting hundreds (and hundreds and hundreds!) of orders, and hosting half a dozen events with a limited staff, felt impossible some days. There were late nights, early mornings, dark circles (thanks concealer!), lots of coffee and matcha, moments of panic, other moments of delirium, and tears.

taudrey mothers day

But don’t mess with a team of determined gals led by an insanely passionate mom entrepreneur. We made it happen (one of our most successful seasons yet!) and are so proud we could cry, again!

And it was you and your stories that kept us going. It was the special "mama" necklaces and heartfelt notes in our Mother’s Day cards. It was the phone calls from customers and the positive messages.

taudrey mothers day

We’re not just riding a girl-power trend when we say Mother’s Day reminds us how amazing women are. We live it. We see it. We celebrate it.

Thank you for letting us live out our girl-power dreams.

And enjoy these additional behind-the-scenes pics that show just how much love goes into each and every taudrey order.

You see, there really is a #taudsquad touch on all. We craft and personalize every piece by hand. We stamp our jewelry pouches by hand and package with care. We personally place each piece of decorative tape on our gift boxes and handwrite each message in our Mother’s Day cards. We print our own shipping labels and hand-deliver packages to our USPS representatives.

We do it all, and love every second of it! It's our pleasure and we hope our pride is felt in every pretty! 

taudrey mother's day

taudrey mothers day


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