Stay Golden Anklet Set

Spring has sprung and the #taudsquad is loving every bloom. And because we adore this season and everything it comes with (shades of fun pinks included!), we're sharing some of our absolute favorites. Read on to learn what we just can't seem to get enough of these days. 

Tiffany ("Tiff"), Owner & Designer

taudrey blog post spring favorites Tiffany

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? Since we designed the Lemonade Bracelet Set, I haven’t been able to part with the stack. The bight color pops of yellow, pink and red ring in spring so perfectly and I love that the set can be so generously personalized. My piece is hand-stamped with “girl boss!”

Favorite spring activity? Miami has been serving up some pretty sweet weather as of late, so my husband Javier and I have been enjoying frequent park visits with our Frenchie, Zoe. I’ve also been loving morning beach runs. Come summer, you need way too much sunscreen and bug spray to enjoy, so I’m soaking up all I can now.  

Favorite spring trend? Piled on bracelets! Those who know me are well aware that my arm parties start at seven pieces. The key to a fun arm party is variety! I always love mixing fun and bright beads with dainty pieces, and adding in a few statement cuffs and bangles for edge. In my opinion, nothing says spring like a rolled-up sleeve and stellar arm party!

Favorite spring beauty product? I love body scrubs and I wanted to switch to something light yet fragrant for spring. I tried Vo Bath & Co.’s Bloom Lotion Body Scrub in “peony & rose” and am in complete love. And I’m not sure what I love more, the scent or the way it makes my skin feel brand new!

Danielle ("D"), Director of Creative & Communications

taudrey blog post spring favorites Danielle

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? I’m not letting go of the choker trend. Nope, sorry. Not happening. And the Shell We? Choker, part of our amazing taudrey x Luli Fama collaboration, celebrates spring fun like no other. It’s a gorgeous mix of simple and statement and I love that it’s so versatile. This pretty can be worn to the office, on the beach, or even to a spring-time gala!

Favorite spring activity? Now with the time change, I’m loving that there’s still some day light when I leave the taudrey showroom during the week. So I’ve been relishing in the extra rays by going on early-evening strolls with the hubby (Robert) and pup (Charlie). We can catch a sweet sunset from our neighborhood which is a major bonus.

Favorite spring trend? The mule slipper. Hands down. For a girl that would rather spend precious primping time layering on taudrey than lacing up shoes, the slip-on look is a dream. I’ve been wearing my silver Magan Tasseled Mules by Steve Madden every chance I get.

Favorite spring beauty product? Spring is always the time of year when I begin to focus all beauty efforts on glowing skin. I started using the Caudalie Radiance Serum a few weeks back and am really loving it. Lathering on the light formula feels like a mini spa treatment and I’m praying a JLo resemblance is in sight.

Waleska ("Wale"), Shipping Director & Manufacturing Assistant 

taudrey blog post spring favorites Waleska

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? I haven't gone a day without my Lucky Stars Necklace. The pearl accents compliment all spring styles and it’s really a great dainty layering piece.

Favorite spring activity? Home improvements! The weather is so nice –not too hot yet! —so I’ve been spending weekends with the family working on our backyard. Our goal is to have everything ready for summer pool days and BBQs. 

Favorite spring trend? I will always obsess over classic pastels. And I love incorporating them into my looks through my nail polish. Pinks and purples reign supreme in my book...and well, on my hands and feet. 

Favorite spring beauty product? I recently purchased a gel light drying manicure lamp and have been enjoying at-home manicures. My best customer, my 13-year-old daughter, and I are loving DND’s gel polish in "Ballet Pink."

Sophia ("Sophie"), Wholesale Manager & Marketing Assistant 

taudrey blog post spring favorites Sophie

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? I'm obsessed with my Love Loop Choker. The pretty piece offers a smooth and dainty transition into the new season. It's perfection alone but also my current favorite layering piece.

Favorite spring activity? Spring weather in Miami is the absolute best, so I try to be adventurous and more outdoorsy this time of year. For the record, when I say "adventurous," I mean studying on the lawn on campus and taking my dog for walks. And if I'm being honest, the natural light also does wonders for my social-media pics. 

Favorite spring trend? Dresses! Always! And I'm loving this season's hot colors like Barbie pink and bright yellow. In my opinion, a spring dress paired with a denim jacket (because well, air conditioning!) is spring perfection. 

Favorite spring beauty product?  What's spring without a good highlighter? Right now, I'm loving MILK Makeup's Highlighter Stick in "Lit." The product gives the perfect amount of natural-looking glow, which I mean, is the goal. 

Jessica ("Jess"), Marketing Intern

taudrey blog post spring favorites Jessica

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? Is it possible to only have ONE?! My current favorite is the World is Your Oyster Necklace. I basically wear the oldie-but-goodie every single day! 

Favorite spring activity? I love spending time at home with family and close friends, so this spring I am definitely looking forward to some yummy and cozy BBQs. 

Favorite spring trend? This spring, I’m dying over bold floral prints and chunky heels! But if I must select one, chunky heels are this shortie's new obsession.

Favorite spring beauty product? I love a good bronzer and right now I am really into the Milani Baked Bronzer in Dolce. It’s perfect for daily use and gives my skin a subtle yet radiate glow. I was asked twice this week if I had hit the beach! This product presents the beach pros without the skin-damaging cons. 

Zoe ("The Boss"), Director of First Impressions & Four-Legged Ambassador

taudrey blog post spring favorites Zoe

Favorite taudrey piece for spring? We’re getting ready to launch my new favorite accessory. And I may or may not be wearing it in the above photo.

Favorite spring activity? Sun bathing near windows. With a paw-full of marshmallows, I can stay in the same spot for hours.

Favorite spring trend? Pink sneakers. I love mine. I mean, I’m still learning how to walk in them, but they’re totally adorable.

Favorite spring beauty product? I’m loving the Barklogic Calming Coat & Paw Cleansing Wipes. The lavender scent is so soothing after a long day!