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Birthdays are always a time to reflect on good times, special moments and milestones. And so, in celebration of our 8th birthday, we're taking a trip down memory lane and talking taudrey in numbers...1 through 8! Read on for some fun taudrey facts and special moments, both old and new! 

Taudrey began with just one, Tiffany ("Tiff") Dominguez (then Tiffany Ortiz). She started by working on jewelry pieces for fun while living at home with her parents. Friends and family raved about her pretties and started making special requests and telling friends. Soon enough, orders began to accumulate and she started to realize her jewelry making could be more than just a hobby. In was on the carpeted floor of her Coconut Grove bedroom that taudrey was officially born, with one hammer and one design. Today, that design is known as the "Autograph Plate." Tiffany continues to take great pride in her handcrafted approach and more so, in making personalized pieces that offer meaning to her customers. She believes jewelry should be more than just something pretty. She believes it should be genuinely "you." 

taudrey handcrafted approach to making jewelry



It was in year two that taudrey's Owner/Designer Tiffany began comprehensive photoshoots for her pieces and to truly define what it means to be a #taudreygirl. Her cousin Jaife Rainelli served as her muse for many photoshoots in year two and beyond, as Jaife personified the brand so elegantly. As evident in the gorgeous image of Jaife below, #taudreygirls are those who celebrate what might not historically go hand in hand: femininity and strength, grace and grit, dainty and statement, luxurious and approachable, and even... cheeseburgers and pearls.

taudrey year 2


Since the very beginning, stacks of three have reigned supreme in the world of taudrey. We assume it's because one piece of taudrey is never enough. Whether it's three bangles or three rings, the number three is the sweet one, and we're not going to fight it. Currently, two of our best-selling pieces are the Fashionista's Diary Set, which offers three bangles (one gold, one rose gold and one silver) that can be generously personalized, and the Sabby Style Bracelet Set, which presents three strands of striking beads (available in 10 different colors) and an oh-so sweet, personalized charm. 

taudrey fashionistas diary set

taudrey sabby style bracelet set


There are four letters that have always run taudrey, G-O-L-D. Yup, the metal is the center of our universe and we wouldn't have it any other way. While we do offer an array of pieces in pretty rose gold and silver, we and our customers just love gold. And did you know that all taudrey pieces are either 14k or 18k gold-filled? Gold-filled pieces are superior to gold-plated pieces, as the term "gold filled" suggests there is pure gold inside the pieces, rather than just on their exteriors, which is true with "plated." Take good care of your high-quality gold pieces and they'll stay shinning as bright as you do! 

taudrey struck gold ring stack


Five is the number of employees taudrey boasts today. Collectively, we are known as the #taudsquad. Grinding daily are...1. Tiffany Dominguez ("Tiff" and/or "taudboss") who designs, manufactures and runs the show; 2. Danielle ("D") Telleria, who manages the company's communications and creative outlets; 3. Waleska ("Wale") Hernandez, who manufactures and heads shipping; 4. Sophia ("Soph") Olivia, who assists in marketing, wholesale efforts and all DIY projects; and 5. Zoe ("Pig") Dominguez, who French Bulldogs herself around the taudrey showroom each and every day and is by far the #taudsquad member most asked about. A fierce group of interns also greatly contribute to all of our efforts. We are a close-knit family of females who love taudrey, each other, rosé, donuts, coffee, green smoothies, pizza parties, confetti, stickers, planners, candles, face creams, planners, and boomerangs, very much!

taudrey team

taudrey team member french bulldog zoe


It was in year six that taudrey found a proper home off the internet. Yup, we're talking about The Jewelry Box. You see, while taudrey lives and parties on www.taudrey.com, we wanted a place where South Florida locals could come see and shop pretties first hand, as well as simply hang with us and immerse themselves in our handcrafted, personalized process. Part office, part manufacturing hub, part boutique, and all parts fun house, The Jewelry Box was officially opened in February of 2015. Adorned with gold-and-white-chevron walls and always peppered with fresh flowers, the vibrant space was intended to feel like a friend's closet, where customers can style looks, try pieces on with encouragement, be honest and comfortable, enjoy a snack or some bubbles, and laugh until it hurts. It may be small, but trust us, we pack a lot of pretties and fun times in our space. Come visit and see for yourself! 

taudrey coral gables showroom


This number is dedicated to seven VERY special letters, t-a-u-d-r-e-y. So here's the story behind that seven-letter name. As fate would have it, taudrey's Owner/Desinger Tiffany was actually named after jewelry company, Tiffany and Co. I mean, talk about destiny! However, when it came time for her to develop her own jewelry brand, Tiffany knew using her first name wouldn't exactly work. But knowing her adoration for film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, Tiffany's mom came up with the idea to fuse the first letter of Tiffany's name with "Audrey" to form "T.Audrey." As the company's popularity grew, fans began pronouncing the name as one word, "taudrey," and Tiffany went along with it. The rest is truly personalized jewelry history. The company's styles and culture continue to be a nod to the sophistication, charm and wit that Hepburn personified. 

taudrey name audrey hepburn


Taudrey is officially 8 years old. If the company was human, she'd currently be shopping for second-grade school supplies. Wow, they grow up so fast! Anyways, we're celebrating our big 8th birthday in style and hope all South Florida locals can come party with us. The shindig is taking place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, August 4, 2017 at the SLS Brickell SAAM. To learn more about the party of the year and why you're really not going to want to miss it, click that invite below. Not a local? Make sure to join the fun on social media!

taudrey 8th anniversary event invite