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Here at taudrey, we work hard to offer all kinds of great information to our loving taudrey girls. 

In this "taudrey girl's guide" installment, Sabrina "Sabs" Pimentel (a former #taudsquad member, loyal #taudreygirl and bride-to-be!) is sharing tips on how to best plan an engagement party filled with lots of love and zero (minimal?) stress!


taudrey blog taudblog taudrey girl guide planning an engagement party


Sabs, tell the taudrey world a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I’m Sabrina Pimentel, former taudrey employee and forever #taudreygirl. I learned so many great things while working at The Jewelry Box, my favorite takeaways being how to give great personal gifts and create custom party banners! Oh, and I also learned that girls really do run the world! 

Since my time at taudrey, I graduated from Florida International University and am currently working at NBC/Telemundo as a digital and social specialist. I’ve covered red carpets, activated on the coolest client campaigns and partnered with the most creative companies in the industry. Other highlights have included bumping into JLO at Premios Billboards and jamming to Camilla Cabello at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina!

This year, I’ve also reignited my foodie passion. I'm determined to grow my food-centric instagram account, @chefsabs, and challenge myself in the kitchen! I'm also currently writing for one of the top food-focused publications in Miami, The Hungry Post, and just launched the food account, @miami_foodguide.

Oh, and I'm also planning the biggest event of my life – my wedding! 



How did he pop the question?  

Anthony and I started planning our first Europe trip last November! As a natural planner, I wanted to prepare a full itinerary. Anthony on the other hand suggested not making many reservations and keeping our days open for "spontaneous moments."  
We flew into Paris on Thanksgiving Day and spent our entire first day exploring. That night, before going to sleep, Anthony asked me to set an alarm for 7 a.m. I questioned him as to why we needed to wake up so early. We were exhausted from our first day in Paris. He said he wanted to take advantage of the full day and told me to make sure I looked "very pretty in the morning" because he had a surprise for me. My heart. Stopped. Beating. Was he going to propose to me!? He then went on to explain that he had entered a giveaway online and won a free photo shoot. At first, I was convinced he was lying. But then he started pulling out documents from his suitcase. He showed me a detailed email thread between him and a photographer. The giveaway details and logistics were included. It was too legit to question. 
In the morning, Anthony was cool as a cucumber and I did my best to play calm. We met the photographer at a bridge and quickly started the shoot. I loved every second. We posed near the Eiffel Tower, then beneath the bridge, and then walked to the photographer's "favorite" locale, a hidden gem of a space along the Seine with a sweet view of the Eiffel Tower. She asked me to turn around so that she could photograph me from behind. I followed her direction and started panicking. Am I going to turn around and see Anthony on bended knee?! I took a deep breathe and turned...to find Anthony with a smile, yelling, “You look great babe!”
At that second, I accepted the fact that it really was just a photoshoot and not a proposal plan. I wanted (and needed!) to relax and enjoy my amazing trip.

Anthony joined me again and we continued taking some great photos. But then....as we stood face to face for a picture, Anthony's grin grew and he asked, “Babe, do you know how much I love you?” I slowly said "yesssssss," as he got down on his knee and removed a bright red box from his pocket. He opened the box and asked me to marry him! I obviously said (screamed?) YES! We enjoyed the rest of our “mini honeymoon” in France and London. Our first time in Europe will always be one to remember!


taudrey blog taudblog taudrey girl guide planning an engagement party


How long did you enjoy the bliss before planning? 

One of the best aspects of our “destination engagement” was having a few days to ourselves to privately enjoy the moment! We started planning once back home and hosted the party a month after the proposal. My parents originally wanted to host the party the weekend we got back from Europe! I'm happy we decided to wait a bit.


Best way to mange invites? 

Go digital! I decided to design a simple invitation on Canva using a favorite image from our engagement shoot. Planning to splurge on the actual wedding invites, we thought it best to simply send this party invite via text image. Efficient and eco-friendly! Regarding who we invited, we kept it intimate, only inviting our closest friends, the bridal party and local family members.


What did you do for food? 

We decided to keep the Parisian theme going and hired The Crepe Makers to cater the event! They have the best setup and crepes are a seamless option for a cocktail party. Additionally, I collaborated with my mom to create a giant charcuterie board. We hired a local carpenter to build a few small tables for the display and also included imported meats, aged cheeses, homemade dips, a Caprese salad, and more!


taudrey blog taudblog taudrey girl guide planning an engagement party


How did you avoid getting totally overwhelmed with décor? Making Pinterest come to life can be daunting!

Thankfully for me, my mom and sister are the best party planners! We instantly created a shared Pinterest board and divided our responsibilities. Along with delegating, I managed the guest list, invitations, and food and beverages. I asked my mom to take the lead with making beautiful flower arrangements and coordinating with the carpenter for the custom display pieces. My sister created a lush, greenery-filled photo backdrop and helped with décor. And my future mother-in-law and sissy-in-law were also a huge help with details.

My advice is to plan ahead so that you have the time to do things yourself. So much can be DIY! Also, have a great team around you and don't hesitate to call for backup. And make lists and stay organized! Oh and always try to do as much set up as you can the night before the big event. You'll sleep better and it really does make the day-of process so much smoother and more enjoyable. 


Any tips on how to stay on budget?

Remind yourself that the engagement party is NOT the wedding! It's just the beginning, so keep the budget small. We made a lot of the appetizers, only served wine and champagne, curated the perfect Spotify playlist, and DIY’ed all the décor to stay within our budget!


How did you stay stress free throughout the planning process?

Date nights with my bae and wine! The stress hits the surface real quick but I forced myself to disconnect as much as possible. And when I did get stressed, quality time with my love was all I needed to bring me back to the ground and help me remember why we're celebrating in the first place.


taudrey blog taudblog taudrey girl guide planning an engagement party


Do you have a taudrey piece that celebrates your engagement? 

Yes, the XO Cuff! I love it! Anthony surprised me on Valentine’s Day with the personalized gold cuff. He personalized one bar with the date he proposed and the other bar with “fiancé.” Like I'd ever forget!


taudrey blog taudblog taudrey girl guide planning an engagement party