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Stay Golden Anklet Set

It’s that time of year again. When we begin our holiday-gift-shopping list and feel the anxiety trickle in. But fear not gifting babes. We’ve got you covered and have compiled a (dare I say, amazingly comprehensive) gift guide of personalized lovelies that will help you mark checks on your seemingly-never-ending list with ease. Read on and delight in how easy holiday shopping can be with a little taudrey in your life. We’ve also thrown in some ideas on how to customize, because we believe you should spend less time shopping and more time with the ones you’re shopping for.

Happy Holidays!


Mom: The Fashionista’s Diary Set

With generous personalization offered, as each bangle can be hand stamped with up to 14 characters, you'll be able to memorialize all of momma’s favorites.

Taudrey The Fashionista's Diary Set 

Dad: Deep Pockets Wallet Keepsake (Dad)

Through the years, you’ve left dad’s wallet bare, so warm it up with a personalized wallet keepsake. It’s the size of a credit card and can be personalized with a sweet message to pops.

taudrey deep pockets wallet keepsakeYour Sister: Full Circle Necklace

Make her feel special with a dainty, seven-charm piece that can be worn two different ways and stamped (by hand) to mark all of your inside jokes.

taudrey full circle long style necklace personalized gold charmsYour Brother: Mustache Tie Bar

If he supports Movember, this mustache-symbol-stamped gift is beyond perfect. If he doesn't, we promise he’ll still love it!

taudrey mustache tie bar

Your Favorite Cousin: Gold Coin Beaded Bracelet

Sometimes, female cousins are way more like sisters, and when that’s the case, she deserves a special, personalized gold pretty that celebrates her.

taudrey gold coin beaded bracelet

Your Niece: Kids Show and Tell Cuff

There’s no reason not to start a sense of personalized style early, and your little fashionista will slay the playground with this cute hand-stamped piece.

taudrey kids show and tell cuff

Your Fun Aunt: Clean Sweep Earrings, Crystal Stud

She’s fun and sassy and deserves earrings that can keep up. Enter these duster stunners that can be personalized and offer a dash of sparkle!

taudrey clean sweep duster earrings

Your Uncle: Captain Cuff Links

For the sea-loving uncle that you adore, these cuff links are hand stamped with initials and a sleek anchor symbol.

taudrey captain cuff links

Grandma: Five Golden Rings Bracelet

She’ll love this dangling piece that pays homage to a classic charm bracelet. And with five personalized charms, there’s plenty of room for the initials of her grandchildren.

taudrey five golden rings bracelet

Grandpa: On the Money, Clip (Initials)

He’s classic and so is this sleek silver money clip. Personalize it with his proper initials and become the favorite grandchild. 

taudrey on the money clip

Your Godmother: Rose Gold Petite Heart Necklace

This rose-gold accented necklace is perfect for your sweet godmother. Mark it with her initial or both her initial and yours!

taudrey rose gold petite heart necklace

Your Godfather: On the Money, Clip (Date)

He’ll love this sleek silver money clip that can be hand stamped with the year he was chosen to be your godfather.

taudrey on the money clip date 

The Husband: Stay Stiff Collar Stays

Surprise him with these sweet collar stays that are hand stamped with a cheeky, love-filled message.

taudrey stay stiff collar stays

Your Mother-in-Law: Girl with the Pearl Earring, Earrings (Gold) and Autograph Cuff

She’s your mother-in-law, so that means TWO gifts for extra brownie points. We recommend modern pearl earrings and a darling gold cuff that’s personalized just for the matriarch.

taudrey girl with the pearl earrings gold

taudrey autograph cuff gold

Your Father-in-Law: Initial Cuff Links

Your hubby has likely followed this great man’s footsteps, so poppa bear deserves something personalized and shiny, like these cuff links that can be hand stamped with his initials.

taudrey initial cuff links

Your Sister-in-Law: Fancy That Necklace

When you’re lucky enough to have a sister-in-law that turns into a friend, you shower her with a gold pretty that's complete with a personalized charm and gold-chain tassel.

taudrey fancy that necklace

Your Brother-in-Law: Men's Tie Bar

He may be your hubby’s bro but you love him as your own. So spruce up his business look this year with a silver tie bar that's personalized with his initials.

taudrey mens tie bar initials

The Best Friend: Pretty Please Bangle Stack

Your bestie deserves the world but we’re sure she’ll settle for a sweet stack of pretty, multi-metal bangles that can be generously personalized. Opt for the stack of six to make her feel extra warm and fuzzy.

taudrey pretty please bangle stack

The Boyfriend: Coordinates Collar Stays

Remind him of when sparks first flew with a sleek pair of collar stays hand stamped with the coordinates of where you met.

taudrey coordinates collar stays

Your Co-Worker: Mini Coin Initial Necklace

Gift the one who helps you survive Mondays with a darling gold necklace personalized with her initial.

taudrey mini coin initial necklace

A Teacher/Professor: Pearly Whites Bracelet

Hey teacher’s pet! Here’s your lesson: She’s going to love this simple and classic pearl piece.

taudrey pearly whites bracelet

Your Secret Santa: Sabby Style Bracelet Set

Get ready to sleigh your holiday party. While this sweet beaded-bracelet set comes in an array of colors, we recommend going with the universally loved silver and an initial stamp detail.

taudrey sabby style bracelet set

Your Child’s Teacher: Major Key, Chain

The handcrafted taudery piece is the perfect little personalized pretty to thank her for helping your little one succeed.

taudrey major key chain

Your New Friend: Tell Me About It, Studs (Gold)

You may not know her extremely well but this small gesture of gold studs personalized with her initial may result in you becoming her new best friend.

taudrey tell me about it studs

Your Nail/Eyebrow/Lashes/Hair Guru: Pearl of Wisdom Necklace

It’s the least you can do for all of the pearls of beauty wisdom she has shared with you over time.  

taudrey pearl of wisdom necklace

The One Who Loves Selfies: The Goddess Choker

This all-gold stunner looks amazing with or without a filter. Plus, it can be personalized with her full name, and you know she's going to love that.

taudrey goddess choker

The New Mom: Mommy Cuff

I mean, besides her new baby, she’s going to love this pretty piece, marked with the baby's birth details, the absolute most!

taudrey mommy cuff

A Mother of Two: Destiny Necklace

She’s got two little loves and this stunner is perfection for her. Personalize the two heart charms with the initials of her babies and become her favorite person ever.

taudrey destiny necklace

The Girly Girl: I’m Blushing Bracelet Set

This one is perfect for the sweet one who draws a heart to complete the letter “i” and lives for a dash of pink and sparkle. Make her smile by opting for a heart stamp detail on the piece’s gold charm.

taudrey im blushing bracelet set

A Mother of Three: Three-Ring Circus Ring Stack

The life of a mother of three is pretty much a three-ring circus, so this one is just ideal. With three rings that can be hand stamped with up to eight characters each, this pretty will make momma bear beam with pride.

taudrey three ring circus ring stack

Your Fur Baby: Dog Tag

Because there is no reason why your four-legged child can’t wear taudrey too!

taudrey dog tag

The One Who Loves Dogs More Than Humans: Mini Coin Symbol Necklace (Dog Paw)

She’d rather spend the day with pooches than with her posse and that’s OK. Gift her this pretty piece, stamped with a dog-paw symbol, and we promise you’ll become her favorite...human.

taudrey mini coin symbol necklace dog paw

Little Miss Classic Style: Keeping up with the Kennedys Bracelet

She’s got the style of Jackie O and deserves a taudrey pretty that pays tribute to her timeless way. We recommend opting for the initial stamp detail.  

taudrey keeping up with the kennedys

She Who Loves a Good Arm Party: Pumpkin Spice Arm Party

Because this arm party is what seasonal dreams are made of. It's everything she’s ever wanted with hue-perfect beads, gold chains, a personalized silver cuff, and more.

taudrey pumpkin spice arm party five bracelet stack fall season silver bronze rose gold beaded cuff styled

The Teenager: Twist of Fate Bracelet

Your trendy teen will swoon over this personalized, braided tie bracelet that can also be worn as a choker! She may even allow you to follow her on social media now!

taudrey twist of fate bracelet suede wrap

The One Who Loves Chokers: All That Choker

She’s got chokers aplenty but are they personalized? Exactly! She needs this one! STAT!

taudrey all that choker

The One Who’s Not Sure About Chokers: Fine Line Choker

The oh-so dainty, extra-thin gold (or rose gold!) choker is ideal for the one who is warming up to the trend and needs a sweet push in the right direction.

taudrey fine line choker

The Layering Lover: Closet Crush Necklace

With three layers of gold goodness, including a dainty gold plate that can be personalized, this no-fuss-to-flawless piece is a layering queen's dream come true.

taudrey closet crush gold layered personalized necklace

The Delicate Flower: Off to the Laces Choker

This lace-based choker is ideal for the lovely who delicately blends dainty and edge. She’ll swoon over its personalized charm.

taudrey off to the laces choker necklace

The Holiday Obsessed: Tassels on a Gold Leash Bracelet

With a gold-chain tassel that resembles tinsel, your holiday-loving babe will delight in this winter-wonderland piece that she can make her own through personalization.

taudrey tassels on a gold leash bracelet

Miss Boho: Game of Stone Necklace

She’ll get flower-crown feels with this personalized stone-and-tassel stunner that can carry her through music-festival season and beyond.  

taudrey game of stone necklace

The One Who Lives in Plunging Tops: Follow the Pearl Necklace (Extra Long)

Prime for the pretty lady who “takes the plunge” whenever she can, this personalized, pearl-accented piece is mighty sassy yet totally classy. 

taudrey follow the pearl necklace extra long

The White-Tee Gal: It’s a Wrap Choker

Ready to amp up any t-shirt-and-jeans look, this fun piece—able to be styled in endless ways and offering subtle personalization—will be absolutely adored by the casual babe.

taudrey its a wrap choker necklace suede chain

The Friend Who Had a Rough Year: Quote Cuff

Your gift can make her smile and feel inspired daily. Opt for a sweet gold cuff and personalize it with an encouraging message (i.e., “You got this!”).

taudrey quote cuff

The Bride: Slice of Fun Cake Cutter

The bride will delight in this special gift that can be used to cut her first slices of wedding cake. We recommend personalizing with names and the wedding date or a sweet phrase (i.e., “happily ever after”).

taudrey slice of fun hand stamped cake cutterThe Recently Married: Skinny Roman Numeral Plate

The new wife will cherish forever this sweet and oh-so stylish reminder of the best day of her life.

taudrey skinny roman numeral plate

The Wino: Corks and Tassels

The perfect gift for the one who hosts wine nights. I mean, it’s only right that the stem of her glass be accessorized when she’s toasting to the good life.

taudrey corks and tassels wine glass charms personalized

The Best Hostess: Say Cheese, Knives

She deserves the cheesiest of all gifts and these hand-stamped knives are sure to bring smiles to her charcuterie board.

taudrey say cheese knives

The Coffee Obsessed: Spoonful of Sugar, Spoons

Don’t you want her to think of you every time she scoops sugar into her coffee? Go for this sweet reminder. She’ll love it a latte.

taudrey spoonful of sugar spoons

The Foodie: Hangry Forks

Can you think of a better gift for your food-obsessed loved one than champagne-gold forks hand stamped with “hungry as fork” and “go fork yourself?” Exactly. I didn’t think so!

taudrey hangry forks