Stay Golden Anklet Set

Fall is back and we're welcoming our favorite season with open arms. Keep reading to see what we're loving these days and what we just can't seem to get enough of. 

Tiffany ("Tiff"), Owner & Designer

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? My favorite piece for this season is our Jump Through Hoops earrings. They’re so dainty yet elegant and they’re the perfect piece to dress up any outfit. Did I mention how comfortable and lightweight they are?!

Halloween outfit plans? My group of friends decided to dress up as different versions of Beyonce! I’m really excited about this one because I can dress as the iconic pregnant Beyonce! Not sure exactly which one I can pull off, but here’s some inspo of what I’m going for:

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? I love all things pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spice latte’s of course! I can’t have too much caffeine these days, but I still get my spice fix with a decaf pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

Favorite fall trend? Lately I can’t seem to get enough of big bell sleeves. I’ve labeled it my pregnancy trend because it helps to look polished at any event. Here is a pic of my husband and I at our best friends’ wedding we just attended, and of course my dress had bell sleeves. 

Favorite Fall beauty product? It’s not necessarily just for fall, but I recently purchased a Clarisonic Skin Cleanser at Sephora and love it! It gently exfoliates your skin and leaves it so soft – I really recommend it! 

Danielle ("D"), Director of Creative & Communication

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? I’m really digging mMerida Choker right now. It’s dainty enough to wear day-to-day but also looks amazing when layered, for when I’m in the mood to make more of a statement.

Halloween Outfit Plans? After years of going all out for the fun holiday, I’ve been a little lazy for the past few. But this year, I have big plans to dress up like Beyonce from her “Formation” video. You know, the look with the oversized black hat, thick braids and never-ending layers of statement jewelry. Of course I would love a Halloween outfit in which jewelry is heavily involved!

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? If things of the pumpkin-spice variety are basic, then well, I guess I’m basic and proud. From lattes to cookies or even candles, I’m in. Did you know you can even add the flavor to your cocktail?

Favorite Fall Trend? The color red is here in a big way and I couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to revel in the color all season, especially with regards to shoes! I love these red suede mules by BP.

Favorite Fall beauty product? I really can’t go a day without my Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil by Caudalie. A few drops on my face before bed and I wake up feeling baby soft and smooth. 

Waleska ("Wale"), Shipping Director & Manufacturing Assistant 

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? I always love a good #armparty, and I especially love making them! My new favorite is the Charming Bracelet Set. The neutral tones make it a great transitional piece from summer to fall.

Halloween outfit plans? While I don’t dress up anymore, I love to dress up my daughter! This year she is planning to be a butterfly. We have already started planning her outfit by buying accessories online and going to Party City. Here’s some inspo on a butterly flower crown that we are working on!

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? I’m all about the pumpkin spice lattes! We love to order Starbucks at the showroom for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Favorite fall trend? It’s so hot in Miami that we can’t really dress up for Fall. However, it's always freezing in the jewelry box so I can usually bring a scarf or light cardigan every once in a while.

Favorite Fall beauty product? I love doing my own manicures! I recently just purchased a beautiful fall color - perfect for fall! - called Spiced Berry from DND. 

Sophia ("Sophie"), Wholesale Manager & Marketing Assistant 

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? Our new Stella necklace is a personal favorite. This pieces puts a twist on a classic lariat necklace and is dainty yet makes a statement. Plus, I'm all about the stars!

Halloween outfit plans? While I don't know what exactly ill be doing on the 31st, I'm totally planning on being a scarecrow for halloween. A cute one of course! With overalls and a plaid shirt, now I just have to practice this makeup look!

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? I'm gonna have to pass on the pumpkin spice trend. Whether it's pumpkin flavored or scented, I'm just not a fan. I'll stick to my iced coffee (needed year round in sunny Miami) and my favorite "Flannel candle" from Bath and Body Works instead.

Favorite fall trend? Lately I'm loving warm tones all over! I’ve incorporated the trend into my makeup routine with Colourpop's "Yes, Please!" eyeshadow palette. It's filled with gorgeous warm toned shades that just scream fall. 

Favorite Fall beauty product? When Rihanna announced the launch of her Fenty Beauty line, I jumped on the bandwagon faster than the items flew off the shelves. The Pro Soft Matte foundation, (available in 40 shades!) is my personal fave from the line. It's lightweight with great coverage and at a great price point! 

Natty, Marketing Intern

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? I am currently obsessing over the Pumpkin Spice Arm Party. This set includes some of my taudrey favorites! The warm tones really set the mood for Fall.  

Halloween outfit plans? In all honestly, I usually don't do much for Halloween. But if I were to dress up as anyone, it would definitely be Wonder Woman. She is simply killing the game right now! #GRLPWR

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? We might as well call it pumpkin spice season! Besides the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte that Starbucks has us craving every year, I found a good twist on a classic everyone loves. Pumpkin Spice French Toast! Super delicious and a great way to start Fall mornings. 

Favorite fall trend? My favorite part of Fall is finally being able to dust off my boot collection. My ideal Fall outfit would be my favorite pair of fall boots, a form fitting trench coat and my taudrey pretties to really tie in everything together.

Favorite Fall beauty product? You’ll probably find me everyday wearing Sephora’s Black Cherry Lip Stain. I promise you the color stays on all day and with this perfect warm, dark color for Fall, who would want it to come off?! 

Liana, Marketing Intern

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? I'm loving our new Moonwalk choker It's perfect for any event either by its self or layered. Plus you can personalize it in so many ways, which I always love! 

Halloween outfit plans? I haven't completely decided what I'm going to dress up as yet, but I think my boyfriend and I might throw it back and dress up as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. 

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? I love a good pumpkin spice latte, but I love our Pumpkin Spice Arm Party even more!

Favorite fall trend? Joggers! It's pretty much like wearing trendy swestpants. I can dress them up or keep them casual and still be extremely comfortable! I love these joggers from Tobi. 

Favorite Fall beauty product? This changes all the time but right now I'm really loving my new matte MAC lipstick, Honeylove.

Zoe ("The Boss"), Director of First Impressions & Four-Legged Ambassador 

Favorite taudrey piece for Fall? Year round I always wear my taudrey dog tag! Now for fall I’ll be switching into the gold color.

Halloween outfit plans? I need your help #taudreygirls. Comment below if you think I should dress up as a little Mariachi Frenchie or a Unicorn Frenchie! 

Thoughts on all things pumpkin spiced? My mom doesn’t let me eat pumpkin but I’m totally sure I’d love it!

Favorite fall trend? Flowers aren’t just for spring this year. I have a this new pink flower collar accessory from Target that is oh-so-cute and trendy too!

Favorite Fall beauty product? I love smelling fresh especially in the fall time! This lavender and chamomile Organic Pet Spray is my new fav!