Hey #taudreygirls! It’s Tiff the #taudboss here to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I usually do a year recap as the first blog post of the year, but I wanted to offer you something different to kick off 2024.

I talk about this a lot on social media and have shared this practice of ours before. It has truly been so powerful within the jewelry box and our team, that I want to also encourage you to implement this super simple and mighty powerful practice: The Gratitude Jar.

We started this practice four years ago in 2020 during the pandemic during our zoom meetings while we we’re all working from remote. We loved it so much that it stuck with us and each year we take it up a notch! Over the last four years it’s had a significant impact on our workplace culture, it’s helped us get through hard times, celebrate the little things, really bond as a team, and just work on our overall individual mental health.

Here are 3 super simple steps on how to implement this practice, and the 10 major health benefits.

Step 1: Pick a time: Stack it on to something that you do daily, and if possible, at the same time everyday. We do it to kick off our daily team meetings at 10am after a 5 minute meditation.

Step 2: Write your gratitude on a post-it note. Sometimes it’s big milestones, more often than not it’s the little things that make it into the jar. I think it’s nice to write the date on the top, and try to be descriptive so when/if you decide to read it back, it will take you right back to the special memory.

Step 3: Fold it up and put it in your jar.  You will love to see the jar fill up throughout the year! Try to place your jar somewhere visible as a reminder throughout the day. I like to keep mine on my work desk.

This was the first year we wrote down the gratitudes and kept it in a jar. In the past we would just say it outloud, but writing it made such a difference to feel the emotion. Plus, it’s such a great visual and positive reminder.

Just this week I took my jar home from the showroom and read through all the 2023 post-it notes with my husband, Javier, and my five year old daughter, Siena. The memories and gratitudes had me in happy tears and filled with so much emotion! Siena loved reading the notes and seeing her name in so many highlights of my day. She said she also wants to do this and I think it’s such a good example for the little ones as well.

A daily gratitude practice can have a multitude of benefits for mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. If this didn’t convince you enough, here are 10 health benefits to this super simple, yet so powerful practice. (I researched these on google btw)

  • 1. Positive Mindset: Expressing gratitude regularly helps cultivate a positive mindset. Focusing on the things you are thankful for shifts your attention away from negative thoughts, promoting a more optimistic outlook on life.

  • 2. Improved Mental Health: Gratitude has been linked to improved mental health outcomes. Engaging in a daily gratitude practice may reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, promoting overall psychological well-being.

  • 3. Stress Reduction: Acknowledging and appreciating positive aspects of your life can reduce stress levels. Gratitude helps reframe challenges, making them seem less daunting and more manageable.

  • 4. Enhanced Relationships: Expressing gratitude fosters stronger connections with others. Whether it's thanking a friend, family member, or colleague, the act of acknowledging and appreciating others can strengthen relationships and create a more positive social environment. I love texting a pic to a friend of mine or my husband if they are my gratitude for the day.

  • 5. Increased Resilience: Grateful individuals tend to be more resilient in the face of adversity. When confronted with challenges, they often find it easier to find silver linings and learn from difficult experiences.

  • 6. Better Sleep: Yes, please! Studies have suggested that a gratitude practice may contribute to better sleep quality. Focusing on positive aspects of the day, leads to less pre-sleep anxiety and enjoy more restful nights.

  • 7. Physical Health Benefits: Gratitude has been associated with improved physical health. Some studies suggest that grateful individuals may experience lower blood pressure, improved immune function, and better overall health habits.

  • 8. Heightened Self-Esteem: Regularly acknowledging and appreciating personal achievements and positive qualities can contribute to increased self-esteem. Gratitude helps individuals recognize their worth and the value they bring to various aspects of life.

  • 9. Increased Empathy: Practicing gratitude has been linked to increased empathy and a greater ability to understand and connect with the feelings of others. This can lead to more compassionate and supportive relationships.

  • 10. Boosted Happiness Levels: Perhaps one of the most well-documented benefits, a daily gratitude practice is strongly associated with increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Regularly focusing on the positive aspects of life, you are more likely to experience a greater sense of fulfillment.

Plus as a busy mama of two, one of the best parts is that incorporating a daily gratitude practice into your routine doesn't require much time or effort. It can literally take minutes! Yet, the cumulative effects over time can be transformative.

Whether through journaling, saying it out loud, or whatever method works for you,  embracing gratitude as a daily habit can contribute to a more fulfilling and positive life. Check out a reel of our 2023 Gratitude Jars here

So join the #taudsquad in our daily gratitude practice and watch the happiness unfold!