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Hey all! It’s Tiff, the #taudboss!

And as we continue to celebrate our 10th year, it seems only natural to share some honest year-ten reflections.

T-e-n y-e-a-r-s. That feels pretty unreal to type out. When and how did 10 years go by!? It seems like just days ago I was stamping charms on my bedroom floor, just for fun and just for friends and family. I don’t feel 10 years older. And nobody better say I look 10 years older! But it has indeed been 10 years since I set up shop in a teeny, tiny corner of the internet with a very, very, very basic taudrey.com.

When it all began, I was a 24-year-old (don’t do the math!) University of Miami graduate with side-swept bangs. I was dating my high-school sweetheart (spoiler alert, he turned into my hubby!) and living in Coconut Grove. With experience in marketing and retail, I knew I wanted to explore entrepreneurship, but wasn’t exactly sure how. I started building jewelry as a creative outlet and set up the website as a means to solidify my “side hustle.” I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going. I just knew I wanted to do something I loved, and wanted my business growth to be gradual and organic.   

It’s been quite emotional for me to reflect on the past 10 years of my life. I’m the type of gal that gets pretty mushy around important milestones. Those who were around for my 30th birthday, and more recently, my daughter’s first birthday, know exactly what I’m talking about.

For the past decade, taudrey has been a part of me, basically a gold-filled limb. Each and every decision I’ve made in the last nearly 4,000 days has been with the company in mind. And so, this whole birthday reflections business is making me feel all the feels.

One major part of me is beaming with pride. My little “hobby” now supports families.

My team of seven works from our Coral Gables showroom to craft pieces for customers in every U.S. state and in Canada. We’ve expanded in team members, space, and reach. We’ve been featured on national shows (like the TODAY Show!), hosted pop-ups and panels galore, collaborated with business and influencers across the country, and have created an identifiable brand with signature colors, phrases, and dare I say...a language (#pretties, #taudreygirl)! Most significantly, we’ve made meaningful pieces of jewelry for countless and developed a girl-power culture that inspires.

But if I'm being honest, another part of me feels critical. And I want to share this piece because I know self-criticism is something we all deal with. I’ve had pesky negative thoughts creep in during this exiting month. Thoughts about how much further I should be, or how much more of an impact I should be making. How I totally thought Beyonce would be repping taudrey by now, and that I’d be hosting our 10th anniversary party at her house. Yes, it’s ok to have comparison thoughts. But it’s not OK to dwell on them. Yes, taudrey could be bigger and better and we could be making more of an impact. I could also have a six pack, a vacation home in Tuscany and 12 French bulldog puppies. But that’s not reality…yet!

I’m using those big dreams to push me and my team into the next decade of taudrey. And that makes me more excited than a dedicated #taudreygirl the night before a collection launch. We have grand moves in the works as we strive to take our little taudrey to the next level. The “glow up” started with new packaging, email marketing and a refreshed showroom, and we’re just getting started.

Thank you for all of the support. My dreams come true every day, thanks to all of our amazing customers. We’re working hard to create a better brand, more comprehensive offerings, and an established culture, for you!

And a special shout out to my amazing team. You ladies love my taudrey baby just as much as I do and it shows. I'm well aware that you can only be as strong as your team is, and mine can move mountains. And they will be the prettiest mountains you’ve ever seen, too! And to my family, husband Javier and baby girl, Siena, I hope I’m making you as proud of me as I am of you.

So if you’re looking to take the plunge and start achieving a dream. I say, trust your gut, surround yourself with dedicated and kind souls, and get to work. Oh, and pack yourself a lot of tissues, band-aids and coffee.

Happy birthday taudrey!

XOXO, Tiff