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Stay Golden Anklet Set

Summer is in full swing, and the sun-kissed #taudsquad is loving every second of it. We will admit, loving summer is a bit easier when it's acceptable (actually, encouraged!) to wear frayed-denim shorts to work and sip from rose-filled pineapple tumblers during strategy meetings. Oh, sweet sweet summer! Read on to learn about our team's summer favorites. Plus, we're sharing some adorable #TBT memories and pics. 

Tiffany ("Tiff"), Owner & Designer

Favorite summer trend? I'm loving one-piece bathing suits this season! There are so many fun designs out there with great prints and even funny phrases. Best part? The style is flattering on literally every body type! 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? In the summer (actually, all year!), I love mixing and matching my favorite bracelet sets. The best part of having different sets is that you can create a fresh #armparty for every outfit and mood. Lately, I've been mixing my Sabby Style Bracelet Set in "Multi" with my Keeping up with the Kennedys bracelet and strands from my Sea Me in Coral Bracelet Set and Sabby Style Bracelet Set in "Rose." The stack is summer pefection. 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? When it comes to cocktails, while I usually lean towards gin, lately I've been loving tequila-based "Palomas." With a splash of grapefruit, the drink is refreshing and even more importantly, really pretty! 

Favorite summer beauty product?  I love being outside and especially love to revel in long summer days when beach strolling, boating and paddle boarding can be enjoyed until nearly 8 p.m! However, although I love the sun, I know I need to protect my skin from it through proper SPF and lots of hydration. I can't live without my Metacell Renewal B3 cream by SkinCeuticals. 

Favorite summer throwback memory? I'm the daughter of a beach babe and let's just say this little coconut didn't fall far from the palm tree. All of my best memories, childhood and beyond, involve sandy toes. 

#tbt: Mini "Tiff" beachside with her momma.

taudrey summer favorites blog post

#tbt: Yes, Tiff still has that adorable one piece! 

taudrey summer favorites blog post


Danielle ("D"), Director of Creative & Communications 

Favorite summer trend? I'm really digging the mini bag and straw/basket bag trend. It's almost as if my childhood dress-up fantasies have come true. I'm currently seeking donations for the purchase of this pretty pom-pom style by Nannacay!

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? I pretty much wear my Twinkle Necklace every day. I have two and since they're adjustable, I wear one at the shorter length and one at the longer length for a sweet layered look. 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? You can't do summer without watermelon. It's pretty much the law. I love this watermelon, feta and mint salad recipe. Oh, and it goes great with some rosé. I heart Whispering Angel. 

Favorite summer beauty product? Whether we like it or not, brows are a very (almost too) important part of life. And when you're running around on a beach or traveling and don't have time for touch-ups, healthy, natural brows are key. Enter BROWFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyebrow Enhancer by LASHFOOD. It's the only product that has ever worked to fill my brows so seamlessly.

Favorite summer throwback memory? Every summer, for pretty much my entire childhood, my family spent a month in Marco Island, FL. Our days were filled with pool games (my sisters and I in matching swimsuits), grilled-cheese sandwiches, sunset beach walks, ping-pong, ice-cream sandwiches, and slumber parties. It was perfect and I will cherish those memories forever. 

#tbt: Mini "D" poolside with her big sis in Marco Island, FL.



Waleska ("Wale"), Manufacturing Assistant  

Favorite summer trend? It's way too hot to wear your hair down in the Summer. At least in Miami! I've been loving twisted ponytails this summer. The easy style can carry you from work to a night out. 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? I can't seem to go a day without my Pretty in the City Choker. The fun style goes with everything and its micro-charm chain shines great in the sunlight. 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? On hot days, my kids always ask for cold pasta salad. It's so easy to make and leftovers hold up great! I personally prefer using macaroni but all of these recipes look delish! 

Favorite summer beauty product? Everyone who knows me, knows I love nail polish and love doing my own gel manicures. In the summer, I stick to nudes and I'm currently obsessed with "Tiramisu for Two" by OPI.

Favorite summer throwback memory? Once you have kids, your childhood memories can't compare to the ones you share with your own kids. When my three were much younger, summers meant trips to Orlando, FL theme parks. They loved it but I loved it even more! 

#tbt: Wale with her minis in Orlando, FL.

taudrey summer favorites


Sophia ("Soph"), Wholesale Manager & Marketing Assistant  

Favorite summer trend? The lazy fashionista in me is loving the flat slides shoe trend. I mean, it's really never been this easy to "slip" into a fashion statement. Zara has amazing options at great prices! 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? My Lemonade Bracelet Set has become my summer go-to. My general wardrobe isn't too colorful so I love that my jewelry can bring vibrant pops of fun to my looks.

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? As a kid, I loved Pina Coladas...virgin, of course! But now that I'm of drinking age, I've realized I dig them just as much when splashed with rum! I love this low-cal recipe!

Favorite summer beauty product? Summer equals glowy skin, so I've been obsessing over Mac's Strobe Cream. I like to add a dab to my foundation or simply use it as a moisturizer for a glowy base. 

Favorite summer throwback memory? My parents loved taking my brothers and I on cruise vacations to the Bahamas in the summer. I loved it oh-so much! I mean, what's not to love about braided hair and 24-hour access to ice cream? 

#tbt: Mini "Soph" digging into the Bahamas with her big bro. 

taudrey summer favorites blog post


Michelle, Marketing Intern  

Favorite summer trend? For me, summer style just isn't complete without a bold nail color. Bright nails just have a way of making you feel like you're always on vacation. Essie has some of my favorites shades. 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? This season, I haven't been able to leave home without wearing my Hula Hoop Earrings. They're so easy to wear and lightweight yet manage to make a pretty sweet statement. 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? One of the many reasons I love interning at taudrey's Coral Gables showroom is that there are so many great places to eat nearby. And with the summer heat, I've been keeping things cold and light. I'm loving the Spicy Ahi Tuna bowl from Pokebao. I order it way to often. I mean, it's a good thing when restaurant employees remember your order, right? 

Favorite summer beauty product? Urban Decay recently released a fresh eye-shadow palette, "Naked Heat," and I'm obsessed. I really love the colors and have been watching great makeup tutorials on YouTube to learn the best combinations.  

Favorite summer throwback memory? When I was a kid, I couldn't get enough of pool time and better yet, when I was tossed right in! And honestly, I'm still not over it. I mean, I do use the pool steps these days. Channeling my inner kid, I just ordered a fun float for summer pool jams. 

#tbt: Mini Michelle soaking up pool-float goodness.  



Sarah, Marketing Intern 

Favorite summer trend? I'm not over the white-sneaker trend. For a girl on the go, it's great to be comfortable in style. My current fav pick? The Addidas' Stan Smiths. 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? I love, love love the Goddess Choker. It's just a great layering piece and so versatile. I've worn it to work, brunch, nights out with friends, and even formal events! 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? I'm all about poke bowls right now. They're light, refreshing and easy to eat at work or on the go. This Food Network recipe is great!

Favorite summer beauty product? I can't live without my Face Glow Foundation by Natasha Denona. With SPF already built it, it's ideal for sunny summer days when you want to look naturally perfect. 

Favorite summer throwback memory? Every summer, my sister and I would set up a mango stand in our front yard and sell our family's mangoes two for $1. We would save up our cash to buy Hello Kitty accessories! 

#tbt: Mini Sarah, before she started her mango-stand business.  

taudrey summer favorites blog post


Liana, Marketing Intern 

Favorite summer trend? I'm loving anything off-the-shoulder, especially when you have a fresh tan (or fresh taudrey!) to show off. I love this look from Top Shop. 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? In my opinion, the Sail South Necklace is summer perfection. The personalized piece is so dainty and offers a pop of summer-classic turquoise! 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? My dad's mac and cheese is my all-time favorite and a big hit at all of our family summer events. I wish I could share the recipe, but he'd kill me. 

Favorite summer beauty product? I currently can't live without my Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I mean, when you have the perfect brows, nothing else matters!

Favorite summer throwback memory? In my family, it just wasn't summer if a trip to Disney World wasn't involved. From the road trip to the Mickey Mouse ice cream, those memories are my favorite. 

#tbt: Mini Liana learning the ropes at her Disney World resort

taudrey summer favorites blog post



Zoe, Four-Legged Ambassador  

Favorite summer trend? This may or may not be a trend, but this season, after long walks in the Miami heat, my mom cools me down by holding cold champagne bottles up to my belly. 

Favorite summer-perfect taudrey piece? Because the sun does not play in Miami, I tend to keep my accessories minimal in the summer. Ya know, us Frenchies can overheat very easily! But I never take off my personalized pink Dog Tag. 

Favorite summer cocktail or dish? I love washing down my marshmallow treats with a nice, big bowl of ice-cold water. Filtered please!

Favorite summer beauty product? When I think summer, I think mangoes! And just because I can't eat them, does't mean I can't smell like one! I love these cleansing wipes by Earthbath. 

Favorite summer throwback memory? When I was a pup, my parents often set up play dates. I'm hoping they read this and get back on that program. Being an only dog isn't easy! 

#tbt: Mini Zoe playing with her big cousin, Trouble. 

taudrey summer favorites blog post