make it permanent with us in Wynwood, Miami

Pretties that hold sentimental value throughout the test of time will always be taudrey’s aim. You know we love to make things personal, but now we’re making it personal and permanent with our special edition to the taudrey luxe collection, permanent pretties.

Book your appt at Iris Tattoo Studio in Wynwood today!

1. make a selection

Choose from our 14k gold chains and of course you can make it personal with our dainty charm selection.

2. get it custom fit

Once you customize your own, our crafters will custom-fit it to your wrist and weld your permanent pretty on!

3. wear it forever!

We can’t wait for you to have this experience and make this a forever memory! These dainty pretties will last you a lifetime.

permanent pretty FAQ

A permanent pretty is a dainty piece of jewelry that is custom fitted and micro welded as a bracelet, anklet or necklace. It is considered "permanent" because it does not have a clasp and lays seamless.

If you are required to remove your permanent jewelry for any reason, simply cut the jump ring and bring the item to our Coral GablesShowroom & we'll gladly re-weld it on at no charge.

We ensure your permanent jewelry is fully welded on your wrist and there are no issues with the 14k gold chain on the day of your appointment.

If enough pressure is applied to the chain or if it gets caught somewhere, the chain can break. Get in touch with us at info@taudrey.com or call our showroom 786.600.7009 if you need to repair your permanent

Please make one appointment per person.