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tiffany taudrey 2018 reflections blog post

Hey gals, it’s Tiffany, the #taudboss!

As the curtains open on this fresh year, here are my honest reflections on 2018, the year that gave me my daughter, Siena, and more lessons than a school book. 

The year 2018 (taudrey's most successful to date!) brought growth that included a bevy of new products and styles, plus completely revamped kids and blogger collections. We celebrated nine years of business at the 1 Hotel South Beach, fostered relationships with girl-boss influencers, female entrepreneurs and booming businesses, supported one fearless cancer fighter, and shot a brand video (check it out below!).

The #taudsquad also took our “make it personal” slogan to heart and served up our personal lives. From my mom-life reflections to D’s heartfelt share of her mental-health journey, and Instagram stories filled with giggles, dance moves and far-from-smooth moments, we put it all out there and it felt great. You know that feeling after a formal event when you can finally kick off the stilettos and peel off your lash strips? That kind of great.

And I can’t recap 2018 without especially noting Siena, the little nugget that flipped my world around (in the best possible way) on March 18. Today, my bright-eyed chubster is crawling, laughing, babbling, and chewing…everything! And she rocks an oversized bow and mini taudrey arm party like no other.

tiffany taudrey 2018 reflections blog post

Settling into my mommy role this year offered me quite the shift, as I grew to acutely appreciate the beauty and strength of women in a new way. Not just mothers. All women. Their fierceness and abilities to adapt and hold it all together with smiles. The way they care, love and find joy. 

And this realization allowed me (and my #taudsquad!) to reenergize taudrey’s fun culture of female empowerment.

Our jewelry allows for expression and the celebration of self-love, confidence, beauty, relationships, and life’s most meaningful moments. But beyond that, we’re working to grow a culture that employs women and encourages personal and professional evolution. One that brings females together and creates a safe and positive environment for friendships and connections. One that breeds fun, laughter and a dependable community.

Thank you, Siena. You’ve pushed mama out of her comfort zone and towards growth. This culture we’re building, it’s for you my baby girl.

Now I hope I’m not coming off as some mommy super hero changing the world one taudrey pretty at a time. Sigh, a girl can dream! Juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood is far from an easy juggle. Some days I feel like a seasoned circus performer. Other days, I feel like a lost shoe at the bottom of a ball pit.

For example, I gathered my thoughts for this post to the beat of my sick baby’s humidifier….at midnight…rocking her back to sleep with one hand...and enjoying a “dinner” of crackers with the other. But I’m grateful that entrepreneurship allows me to stay home some mornings to care for my sick babe, or better yet, bring her to The Jewelry Box and personalize jewelry with her on my hip.

Heading into 2019, I’m bursting with hope and gratitude. I’m grateful for my loved ones and hard-working team, our growing business and culture, and every customer who supports our vision.

Every year (can you believe taudrey is turning 10 in 2019!?) gets more and more meaningful, and I’m feeling so inspired and excited for all the greatness to come!

May your 2019 be filled with love, laughter and dreams realized.

Xo, Tiff