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Kelly Saks is a blogger, fashion maven, stylist, on-air host, home-decor queen, and well, just an overall amazing and inspiring Miami gal. And we got her to answer 10 questions!

Read on to learn about her plans for Love Day, style tips, encouraging advice, favorite follows, and more!

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Tell us about yourself. 

Hi! I consider myself a blogger (I started my blog about a decade ago, before blogging was a "thing!"), wardrobe stylist and on-air host. Recently, I started working with Bumble as the community marketing manager for Bumble Miami's “Queen Bee” program. Let's just say I wear a lot of different hats. I'm a proud Miami gal (born and bred!) and married my college sweetheart, Eric, about three years ago. We have one fur baby, Khloe, and she makes the best cameos in my pictures. 

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What do you love about taudrey and how long have you been a #taudreygirl?  

What I love most is that it's a homegrown small business run by an all-gal team. I appreciate that taudrey creates classic pieces with modern twists that can be personalized for every woman. And the brand culture is one I can resonate with, as founder Tiffany and I have so much in common, both entrepreneurial women born and raised in Miami. 

I've been a #taudreygirl since, well, pretty much day one. Back in 2010, Tiffany was hosting a small taudrey trunk show at a Coral Gables boutique. I was just getting my feet wet as a blogger and the boutique owner invited me to the small event. I met "Tiff" and have stayed connected since. Check out a great #throwback pic from our first meeting here

Tell us more about your taudrey collab piece? 

The Triple Threat Necklace was really inspired by my personal style and genuine feedback from my audience and girlfriends. I've always loved dainty jewelry and in the summer of 2018, I was consistently adding layers of dainty gold necklaces to my looks and getting lots of questions regarding where to shop and how to properly pile. So when Tiffany approached me about developing a fresh taudrey piece, a triple-layered necklace immediately came to mind.

I wanted to create a piece that would offer the trendy layered look in an easy-to-wear, approachable and affordable way. I absolutely love seeing girls out and about wearing it and all the different ways it can be personalized. It's sweet to see ladies enjoy something I helped to create with them in mind. 

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Describe your personal style?  

My personal style is feminine, chic and eclectic. I’ve always been a fashion girl and love playing with different trends and looks. But at the end of the day, I'm a total girly girl, and glamorous feminine looks always win. 

In the world of Kelly, style extends to the home! What are some tips you can share regarding making a space your own? 

If there’s anything I learned from remodeling and decorating my first home over the past few years is to take your time. Your home is your safe haven and should really express who you are, and that takes time. One of my most cherished spaces is the gallery wall in our foyer. We filled the frames with favorite images from our wedding. I think personal pictures are the best way to make a place your own.

Also, Eric and I always collect accent pieces when traveling, and I love that they add a unique touch and differentiate spaces while evoking sweet memories. I'm also all about mixing. Whether it's high and low price points (yay for HomeGoods and target!), feminine and masculine details, or vintage and modern pieces, in my opinion, it's a solid mix that curates a well-rounded space.

Love Day is coming up. How are you celebrating?

This will be my 12th Valentine's Day with Eric. We’ve never been fans of cheesy Valentine's Day date nights (restaurants are packed and there's nothing romantic about that), so I'm sure we'll continue our tradition of enjoying a night of home cooking and a movie. When it comes to my besties, we always love celebrating Galentine's Day with a girls' night that includes a yummy meal and lots of Rosé!

And I just have to mention that Bumble Miami is taking part in two, very fun Love-Day-themed events! The Mix, Mingle & Match event will take place on Feb. 7 at Brickell City Centre, and the Girl Gang Galentine's Day event (which will feature a taudrey pop up!) will take place on Feb. 13 at the 1 Hotel Rooftop.  

Share 3 tips for ultimate Love Day hosting.  

1. Flowers are essential! I love fresh flowers. They can make any space more chic.

2. A simple bar cart set up is always a treat and an easy way to make things festive! Grab your favorite bottles of Rosé and/or champagne and spruce up the display with accessories. I live for the dollar section at target! 

3. A little personalized detail goes a long way. Whether it's personalized cupcakes or drink markers for your guests, small details make a big impact. 

What would you tell the 2009 version of Kelly? 

Oh wow, in 2009 I had just graduated from the University of Miami! I'd say, "Don't be afraid to forge your own path. And...you're going to get everything you want, it just might not be in the order you want it!"  

Now time for some real talk. Social media can create disheartening environments at times. How do you navigate the world so gracefully?

Something that was hard for me to accept, but is now a frequent practice, is taking breaks from social media. Put your phone down and take a bubble bath, or spend a week(end) without posting. Sometimes, taking a break is essential for your peace of mind and mental health. If you aspire to be in the world of social media, I encourage you to have a very strong sense of self and know that social media isn't real life, it's everyone's highlight reels. Most importantly: don't play the comparison game. 

Share your favorite follows! 

@whitney Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd is total inspiration! 

@kgohhsnap My bestie photographer Karla Garcia Costa is always a good time.  

@thestylebungalow If you're into fashion and travel, follow my friend and fellow girl boss Stephanie Hill.   

@themakerista Follow her for charming and timeless home decor. She just revealed her kids' bathroom remodels and I was anticipating that more than a new season of Real Housewives!  

@christinedovey She has inspired so many aspects of my home! She's a true refleciton of personal style that extends into a home.


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