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Olivia Rodriguez, an E! Style Contributor Finalist who is also the fashion-minded beauty behind blog Hello Olivia and a darling #taudreygirl, answers our 21 questions.

taudrey girl Olivia Rodriguez Hello Olivia Five Golden Rings Choker Necklace

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1. Name and city? Olivia Rodriguez, Miami

2. Blog name and how the name came to be? Hello Olivia. The word “hello” always seems so happy and welcoming.

3. What message do you aim to communicate to your followers? The more you celebrate life, the more in life there is to celebrate.

4. Guilty pleasure? Chocolate!

5. Coffee order? Cuban coffee with extra sugar!

6. What’s your favorite taudrey piece? The Five Golden Rings Necklace.

7. What’s your best advice for taking a selfie? Make sure your hair looks good.

8. What the most significant taudrey piece you own and what does it mean to you? My California Beaded Bracelet because I’m always dreaming of Cali.

9. Gold or silver? Gold!

10. Describe taudrey in one word? Sleek.

11. What are you jamming to right now? Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

12. What do you think makes taudrey shine so bright? Its clean and fresh pieces.

13. Favorite food? Burgers.

14. Favorite movie? Rocky.

15. Any tips for wearing/layering your taudrey? Layer gold with silver to spice things up.

16. Current favorite trend? Off-the-shoulder tops.

17. How does taudrey compliment today’s trends? The pieces add the perfect dainty touch to any look.

18. Whose style do you admire? Gigi Hadid

19. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I can dance Latin ballroom!

20. Best piece of fashion advice? Monochromatic looks make you look thinner.

21. Define what it means to be a taudrey girl? A taudrey girl is a happy and confident girl.

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taudrey girl Olivia Rodriguez Hello Olivia Miami Fashion Blogger E Style Contributor Finalist Five Golden Rings Gold Choker Necklace
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