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We don't know where we would be without our #taudreygirls. And to show our love and appreciation for our well-accessorized squad, and because we’d be selfish to keep their awesomeness to ourselves, we will now be showcasing our lovely ladies via an ongoing feature, a #taudreygirl answers 21 questions.

For the first, we’re shining a light on one of our original girls and stunning mother of two, Jessica Lastra.

taudrey jewelry miami

  1. Name and city: Jessica Lastra, Miami
  2. How do you spend your days? Changing diapers, playing with my little guys {adorable five-month-old twins Jake (left) and Max (right)} taking them on walks, and lots of tummy time.
  3. Tell us about your family: It's my husband, Carlos, our twin boys, Max and Jake, our white boxer, Lola, and me.
  4. How long have you been a #taudreygirl? Since the very beginning. I think I was the first-ever online order.
  5. Guilty pleasure? Shopping…and everything “Real Housewives” on Bravo
  6. Coffee order? Tall, nonfat, no-whip mocha
  7. What’s your favorite taudrey piece? My gold beaded bracelets with the boys’ names on the charms.
  8. Donuts or pizza? Pizza!
  9. What’s the most significant taudrey piece you own and what does it mean to you? Definitely my pieces with the boys’ names/initials on them are most significant. I never take off my autograph plate marked “M & J.”
  10. Gold or silver? Gold!
  11. Describe taudrey in one word: Girly!
  12. What are you jamming to on the radio right now? “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber
  13. What do you think makes taudrey shine so bright? I think it's because all taudrey jewelry can be personalized and that you can commemorate pretty much everything that's special to you through your jewelry.
  14. How does a mother of twins manage to stay looking great? Well it helps that I have no time to eat! The boys also love being outside so I am able to take them on lots of walks. And I’m pretty much nonstop all day.
  15. What do you like about The Jewelry Box? It’s welcoming and cozy, and I can bring my babies!
  16. Favorite food? French fries!
  17. Favorite movie/ TV show? Right now, “Making a Murderer” on Netflix
  18. Favorite city in the world? Miami
  19. Any tips for wearing/layering your taudrey? I typically layer a piece with the boys’ names or initials; with a piece that marks my name or initial.
  20. Last concert you attended? Beyoncé and Jay Z (On the Run tour)
  21. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I love to clean out people’s closets.

taudrey autograph plate

taudrey girl bracelet