Stay Golden Anklet Set
Hey #taudreygirls! It’s Tiffany the #taudboss.

As we wrap up our month-long celebrations, I want to share my thoughts and most importantly, gratitude, on the last twelve years of taudrey. And of course, in true taudrey fashion, I’m making things personal over here. So here it goes...

I’m typing this blog post as I’m working from home with my newborn baby boy, Maverick, in his bassinet next to me, and my three-year-old girl, Siena, on the other side of me. It’s 5 a.m. and I’m in pajamas gazing at my laptop screen with tired eyes and doing my best to spill out honest thoughts before Maverick’s next feeding.

I always say that taudrey is my first born, and every July during taudrey's birthday month, I turn into a full ball of emotion (and the postpartum changes aren’t helping this time around). Filled with joy, excitement, exhaustion (thanks baby Mav!), fear and worry, I can’t help but to feel happy and grateful.

So, I want to start by saying THANK YOU.

It's because of you, our taudrey girls, that my team and I can fulfill our dreams of creating meaningful accessories and cultivating an empowering community for girls of all ages.

THANK YOU for supporting our small business. You're supporting the ambitions of a hardworking (and sassy!) group of females, and their families. We hope you truly feel the love poured into each taudrey pretty. 

THANK YOU for shopping with us. We understand that you can shop anywhere and endlessly appreciate you for shopping taudrey. It is our pleasure to handcraft your pieces and inspire through our work and culture.

THANK YOU to my amazing team of strong females behind me. Wale, Grace, Jen, Isa, and Mallory, I appreciate you endlessly. You ladies love my taudrey baby just as much as I do and it shows. I'm well aware that you can only be as strong as your team is, and mine can move mountains! And they are the prettiest gold mountains.


Strong teams (and strong teams of women) are so, so important. These are the people you spend the most time with and are building a brand and life with. It suits my personality to have a friendship managerial style. I think of my team members as family and treat them accordingly. It’s important to me for everyone to feel equally appreciated and motivated. 

During this time of year, I also always find myself reflecting on what it means to be "successful." It’s not about the money all the time. Yes, we need to be profitable to support our families. But by making giving back a priority, we're fulfilled in a way that can't be matched monetarily. We're fulfilled by supporting our community, and therefore, we are successful.

I love what the taudrey brand is all about. I love that our brand inspires and encourages others. I love that I get the flexibility to work from home and be with my two babies and husband this summer. To me, all that is successful.

It’s about more than just jewelry.
Together we're building a community and donating money and time to different organizations we admire. We truly believe we can make a difference! Our brand is built on the idea of empowering and banding women together! We make conscious efforts to support the business aspirations of women both internally and through partnerships. From graphic design, to photography, consultants, seasonal workers, and accountants, we strive to work with women and women-led businesses.

For more than a decade, taudrey has been a part of me, basically a gold-filled limb. Each and every decision I’ve made has been with the company in mind. And so, this whole birthday reflection of the business is making me feel all the feels. But most significantly, as I type, with chipped nails and messy hair, I am the most fulfilled I’ve ever been. (I’m also crying because, well, yay hormones!) 

So, cheers to the next twelve years! Today and always, we’re working hard to empower women and strengthen communities, one personalized pretty at a time.