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Summer Style Guide

Summer. Is. Here.

We’ve counted down the days and now we’re ready to embrace everything the season has to offer — the sun, the fun, the heat, the style. We’re here for all of it, including some looks that are destined to elevate our fashion games in a big way. Here are some of the clothes and accessories we’re living for this summer.

The Breeziest Dresses

Now is a pretty good time to escort those form-fitting pieces straight to the back of your closet in favor of their airier, breezier, lighter-weight counterparts. We’re all about the forgiving fits and easy flows that make these dreamy styles so perfect. They’ll keep you cool on balmy days, and you can find them in every length, color, and pattern imaginable. For a look that’s right on-trend, try some vacay ready pieces like the All Inclusive Necklace, Shell-abrate Necklace, and Salty Beach Choker.

All Neutral Everything

We know all about the obsession with summer whites because, um, we’re guilty of it too. Nothing better than crisp white to help you stay fresh on those ultra-sticky days. But we’ve got to give it up for the other neutrals in the palette — think sandy beiges and creamy ivories. They’re a little warmer, a little more buttery, and still have the same impact on your wardrobe as white. Plus, neutral shades behave like a blank canvas for your favorite accessories, like some serious statement jewelry such as the Make a Statement Necklace, Bold Lady Bracelet, and Treasure Chest Earrings

It’s a Pink Thing

To know us is to recognize our extreme love of color. If it’s bright, we love it. If it’s practically oozing the rainbow, we’re all over it. So how could we not nod to this season’s pink trend? It’s one of summer’s most obsessive colors, found in everything from soft blush tones to rich watermelons. It’s a standout shade for the personality factor alone! A delicate piece like our Island Time Necklace is easy to wear even with your more conservative outfits for just a pop of color.

A Little Texture

Texture can be tricky in the summer, but this particular summer brings only the most practical choices for warm-weather wear. If ever there was an easy time to pull it off, it’s now. We’re loving the details on rattan tote bags that seem made for sunny summers in Capri and the juxtaposition between smooth finishes and subtle hand textures on our Color Me Cool Bracelet & Bright Side Bracelet — and the seamless way they breathe new life to your hottest looks.

What better way to celebrate the season than to immerse yourself in the trends that help you look and feel your best? We’re all about these beautiful pieces, colors, and looks that set the tone in every way!