Stay Golden Anklet Set
We definitely don’t need a special holiday to celebrate Mom. She’s the OG member of our respective #taudsquads — that constant source of support and the one who truly keeps it real. When it comes to that special bond, there's just nothing more meaningful.
We’re all about that incredible bond you share with her, the OG fierce female in your life. When you shop with us, you’re supporting a mom-owned business AND a small but mighty team of passionate mommies and aunties who are committed to giving their best, each and every day.
What’s also true? We know that fierce females everywhere fill that special mom role. The special woman who raised you. Your grandmother. Your stepmother. Your aunt. Your cousin. Your caregiver. The many women in your life who make up that all-important collective huddle of nurturers. Mom is the person who played one of the biggest roles in your upbringing and who helped shape you into the fabulous person you are today.
If you know us, you know we make it personal — it’s the Taudrey way! We’re about those everlasting emotional connections and bonds. Our pretties celebrate the history mom built, the memories she’s made, the phenomenal kids she’s raised, and the hearts she’s nurtured. We’re raising our glasses (virtually!) to the incredible mamas in our lives, today and every day.