Stay Golden Anklet Set

2020 was no joke. No matter how it started or ended for you, everyone felt the waves. And because we’re all about making it personal, we’re sharing 20 things that rocked our taudrey world this past year. Some made us cry and some made laugh, but each and every moment and lesson made us oh-so grateful for this business we’re growing and our community of #taudreygirls. 

Read on for our most personal blog post ever.

Our 20 of 2020

1. Got fancy

In early 2020, back in the days when Clorox wipes were still easy to find, we formally dipped our toes into the realm of fine jewelry with two "taudrey luxe" pieces. We're thrilled to offer #taudreygirls personalized pretties (one bracelet and one necklace) that present 14k gold and pave diamonds. Pretties by taudrey that you literally never have to take off? Yes please! 


2. Learned how golden our gals are 

Our exclusive membership program, Golden Gals, really took shape throughout 2020 and we're so grateful for each and every special member. The club is only opened for new members on select dates throughout the year, and Golden Gals enjoy a monthly discount code and so. many. perks! 


3. Made it, Ma! 

On February 24, #taudboss Tiffany debuted taudrey on QVC! Yea, that QVC! Tiffany appeared live to showcase seven taudrey pretties and wow was it incredible to watch her tell the taudrey story to millions of viewers on live television. The opportunity has opened up lots of doors for our team and we can't wait to see what's next. Oh, and you shop our full group of QVC pieces here!


4. Talked the talk

2020 gave birth to our Instagram chat series, "taud talks." The series was created as a way for the #taudsquad to connect with customers and share about things not typically discussed. While after two in-person segments, Covid restrictions forced us to chat via Zoom, we made it work and made it fun. We played games, danced, shared tips, got personal, and well, everything in between. 


5. Pivoted!

2020 was the year of the grand pivot and we did it, screaming even louder than Ross. By the way, if you don't understand that reference, we're not sure if we can be f-r-i-e-n-d-s. Ha! We closed our showroom to customers, worked through staggered schedules and remotely, and connected with #taudreygirls digitally. We pivoted nearly every day and each time, did so with a smile. We're so thankful that our e-commerce-based company was not shut down like so many other businesses this year. We were able to survive, and actually thrive, and that's not something we will ever take for granted. 


6. Made Thursday nights cool again

Our most beloved pivot of 2020 was trading in-person shopping experiences for virtual Sip -N- Shop events on Instagram live. Mostly every Thursday night, at 8 p.m. EST sharp, we took followers into our homes for fun shopping parties with discounts and surprises. Sip -N- Shops took on a life of their own and now, we can't imagine taudrey without them. 


7. Paid it forward

We tackled this year with grateful hearts and when we could, aimed to pay our gratitude forward and give back to some amazing organizations. We learned this year that giving fills a cup like nothing else. Here are just some sweeter-than-sweet organizations we supported in 2020: She's the First, The Mom Economy, Live like Bella, the Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Paws4you. We also led surprise gifting initiatives for healthcare heroes and homeschool heroes. And it all was our absolute pleasure!  


8. Posted personally

If you're reading this, you know we love a good blog post, almost as much as we love to keep it real. In May, we shared a personal blog post about how each member of the #taudsquad stays on top of her mental health. Sharing stories related to mental health and working to break associated stigmas is something that's very important to us. You can check out that blog post here.


9. Made it, Ma...again!

In June, taudrey appeared on QVC again! We debuted two exclusive taudrey pretties as part of a live show focused on inspirational jewelry. The #taudboss Tiff was able to call into the show and well, it really never gets old seeing our taudrey stunners on a television screen. 


10. Stopped and listened 

We took a break from regularly scheduled programming for a week in June to reflect on how we can better serve as a company in standing against all forms of racism and discrimination. We promised to listen and continue learning, and made changes to our core that we will perpetually explore as we strive to be more inclusive and vigilant. 


11. Turned the big 1-1

The company turned 11 over the summer, and while we did miss having our usual in-person bash with hundreds of our closest friends, we had an absolute blast hosting a virtual party via our biggest Sip -N- Shop of the year. We sipped on cocktails and gave away goodness while celebrating 11 fun years of #taudreygirl greatness. Oh, and we even had virtual goodie bags! 


12. Stacked it up

We brought back our #squadstackseries and it was some of the most fun we had all year. Each member of the team designed a bracelet set that was on sale for a limited time. We even turned the promotion into a friendly internal competition. The big winner (Grace!) won a very special necklace and more importantly, endless bragging rights. 


13. Rocked the vote

As a company that celebrates female strength, we take voting very, very seriously. So in our efforts to stylishly encourage women to show their strength at the polls, we designed fun voting-themed jewelry pieces, and even a t-shirt. And we sent handwritten cards and stickers to anyone who sent us proof of voting!  


14. Gained an angel

In the fall, we sadly lost Tiffany's grandfather "Pepe" to complications from Covid-19. Our #taudboss is extremely close to her grandparents and the loss was tremendous. Abuelo Pepe gave Tiffany her first stamping hammer and was taudrey's biggest fan. Here's to you, Pepe. We will work tirelessly to live in your example of hard work, kindness and big smiles.



15. Stepped outside our design comfort zone

In the year of the pivot, it made perfect sense to explore some different offerings. We stepped beyond our comfort zone and launched fresh items including bold new chain styles, t-shirts, and, drumroll please....a leather jewelry case!


16. Joined forces with the best

Just in time for the 2020 holiday season, we reignited our collab collection with a sweet group of our favorite influencers from across the country. We worked with the boss babes to design fresh styles we'll be obsessing over far into 2021 and beyond. You can check out the full group of stunners here.


17. Sleighed the season

We're so proud to share that even riding the 2020 waves, we just wrapped up our most successful holiday season ever. We brought in some extra masked elves and made it happen, because when our community wants to give handcrafted and meaningfully personalized gifts for the holidays, that's just what you do! 


18. Learned about a new 2021 collab

Our #taudboss Tiff shared the fun announcement that she's preggo with her second baby. And in true taudrey fashion, she told the #taudsquad by showing off a piece of taudrey jewelry she made for her daughter Siena. It was a teeny beaded bracelet that read, "big sister." Nothing brings joy like a new baby and we're all so excited to welcome a delicious new bundle of joy. 


19. Celebrated "D" as a #taudsquad lifer

At the end of the holiday season, our director of creative and communications, Danielle ("D"), announced her taudrey resignation. It took us all a hot minute to process that the #taudsquad would be different come 2021. And while we hate to see her go, we're sending her off to her new position at @helloalice with so much love and memories.

Yes, jewelry is important. But people are everything. Relationships and connections are what makes this world go round. Our #taudreygirl community is one based on female empowerment and growth. We're so proud of Danielle for pursuing her opportunity and while it stings and we will miss her laugh, dance moves and puns, we're standing right behind her and encouraging her 1,000 percent. Plus, once a #taudreygirl, always a #taudreygirl, so we know she's not going too far.

We love you "D."

And we're excited to meet the gals ready to step into Danielle's Madewell sneakers. In response to our growth in 2020 and anticipated 2021 growth, we will be fulfilling D's role and expanding the communications team!

D's note: Hi all! It's been nothing but a pleasure and a blast managing communications for taudrey for the past five years. Working alongside my bestie Tiff and the world's greatest all-female team to create a brand and community based on female empowerment and fun has been a dream come true. Leaving taudrey and my squad, was not easy, but the love shared within this team is real, and just like our favorite gold chains, we're linked! This company made me a better person and a stronger woman. I've learned and grown so much, so to say this growing business has a special place in my heart is the understatement of the century. 

And to our #taudreygirls: Thank YOU! Your energy and love is palpable and has been a highlight in this season of my life. 


20. Kept smiling

Through 2020, we've strived to serve as a place for happiness, positive distractions and joy, and that promise continues. We have lots of amazing things planned for 2021 and look forward to seeing taudrey shine brighter than ever.