Stay Golden Anklet Set


We say it all the time. It’s more than just jewelry for us. But it’s our goal that our repetitive phrase is not mere lip service. We hope the expressed sentiment is palpable.  

It’s crucial for us to leave a mark on this world, just like our stamped words and symbols mark the gold pretties you so elegantly style. And that’s why we give back.

We give back in hopes to propel forth our community.

We give back because we can.

We give back because it fills our cup more than anything else. 

When Covid-19 changed the world this spring, and the unknown hit harder than a personalizing taudrey hammer, the first thing we did as a company, after setting up our own safety precautions, was give back.

When we closed our doors and thanked the heavens we could continue our business safely through e-commerce, we immediately thought of the countless teams not as fortunate. We thought of our favorite local restaurants and cafes and how they were being forced to enter a storm without a forecast. And so we immediately donated to a Miami-based restaurateur who was serving the community by pivoting his restaurant model to transform locations into grocery stores and developing a food bank to support laid-off workers. Our thinking was, we're all in this together and we need to help with what we can, when we can. Doing so gave us a tiny ounce of positive control when everything felt helpless and uncontrollable.  

We took the mantra “we’re all in this together” and quite frankly, personalized our brand with it, using it as a driving force. Since March, we have additionally collaborated and/or donated directly to the following organizations. 

She’s the Firstan organization that finds, funds and supports solutions that educate and empower girls, while strengthening communities where they're able to flourish.

The Mom Economy: a nonprofit aimed at helping working moms define and step into their purpose through tangible programs and opportunities.

Live Like Bella: a childhood cancer foundation started and named in honor of the vivacious and wildly inspirational Bella Rodriguez-Torres, who lost her cancer battle at age 10.

Braman Family Breast Cancer Institute at Miami's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Now we don't share this as a means of self praise. We share this so that you know we're committed, and will continue to be committed to, community. And we encourage you to do the same.

    Give back when you can. Join us in paying forward with positivity. Because while we love a good gold pretty, the world would be a whole lot prettier if we layered on giving like we do jewelry.