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Hi, all! Tiffany the #taudboss here.

You know we're all about making things personal over here, so here it goes. Every year during taudrey's birthday month, I turn into a full ball of emotion. My wide range of emotions include joy, pride, excitement, fear, worry, and exhaustion, then back to joy and pride. I spend the month reflecting and celebrating. But instead of keeping my emotions and reflections bottled up this year, I'm pouring them out here.

In honor of our 11th birthday, read on for my 11 business reflections and tips! Coffee, heart and hustle not included.


What I mean by this one is, NEVER stop learning! The more I learn, the more I realize I know nothing! I make it a point to school myself constantly through mentorships (my business role models include Rachel Hollis, Jenna Kutcher, Brendon Burchard, and Tony Robins....even though I've never met them!) and lots and lots of books and podcasts.

Currently reading: "Traffic Secrets" by Russell Brunson and "The One Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

Always listening: Rise PodcastGoal Digger and How I Built This




I don’t do this alone. I have a strong team of females behind me and I appreciate them endlessly. Strong teams (and strong teams of women!) are so, so important. These are the people you spend the most time with and are building a brand and life with. It suits my personality to have a friendship managerial style. I think of my team members as family and treat them accordingly. It’s important to me for everyone to feel equally appreciated and motivated. 




I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what it means to be "successful." It’s not about the money all the time. Yes, we need to be profitable to support our families. But by making giving back a priority, we're fulfilled in a way that can't be matched monetarily. We're fulfilled by supporting our community, and therefore, we are successful.

For me, it’s about more than just jewelry. We're building a community and donating money and time to different organizations we admire. We truly believe, we're all in this together!




Our brand is built on the idea of empowering and banding women together! We make conscious efforts to support the business aspirations of women both internally and through partnerships. From graphic design, to photography, consultants, seasonal workers, and accountants, we strive to work with women and women-led businesses. 

We also love to collaborate with other female-focused brands. Some absolute South-Florida-based favorites include Luli Fama Swimwear, Soy Delicious Candles, and The Mom Economy




I am a total goals geek. Every morning, along with a "grateful" list, I write out the 10 goals I want to accomplish in the next 10 years and the one goal I'm currently focused on. Thanks Rachel Hollis! It's so motivating to focus on my aspirations for a solid moment each day. 

At the start of each calendar year, I also write out my goals for that particular year. Remember when we had the year 2020 all planned out! Sigh! I break down the goals into different categories: revenue, email subscribers, personal goals, etc. And then I make it a point to check in on these goals monthly. Accountability check!

And I know this sounds like a lot but it helps me tremendously to keep different notebooks for different goals. I have, not kidding, at least three notebooks in my Madewell tote at all times.




We celebrate everything! Someone on the team finished a cleanse? Champagne! Hit a sales goal? Cookies and champagne! Successful sale or big meeting scheduled? Cake, cookies and champagne! We make it a point to acknowledge and celebrate every little win and milestone. It keeps the smiles permanent, the morale high and the team bonds stronger. 




I’m all about work-life integration. I learned this one from the master, Tony Robbins! For me, perfect work-life balance doesn't work. It actually makes me feel like I'm constantly failing. I prefer a nice blend of my two lives. I take my laptop on every family vacation. And I'm currently typing this while Siena naps besides me. But I've never missed a baby milestone or swim lesson. Entrepreneurship is blurry. And that's OK with me!  




While it's sometimes hard and discouraging (you know when you're just not feeling yourself?!), I understand and appreciate the significance of putting myself and my personal life out there. As the face of a brand with a "make it personal" slogan, it's important for me to share my world with customers and consistently make real and honest connections. I encourage my team to do the same. We make it personal on so many levels and I think it's something that customers love about us. We're real!




I'm a firm believer that you work better in a pretty space. So whether that space is now in your apartment, make it nice! Surround yourself with your favorite colors, plants and inspiration. It really does make the world of difference!



10. GUT IT 

Listen to your gut. This pretty much ALWAYS works for me! More often than not, when there's a "I don't have a good feeling about this," it just doesn't work out! Although scary at times, I've learned to lean into my intuition. I believe these "feelings" aren't random. They're little signals sent out by a combination of hustle, experience and heart. And don't confuse all nerves with "bad feelings." Trust yourself to know the difference. Then take the plunge! 




If you're going to follow the path of entrepreneurship, you're getting on the most insane rollercoaster of life. There's no harness and the ups and downs will make even the toughest gal scream, cry and occasionally, beg for it all to stop! My advice? Throw your hands up and get used to that my-stomach-is-going-to-fall-out feeling. Enjoy the highs, they're fleeting! And when you get to the lows, because you will, enjoy them even more. That's when the magic happens!