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taudrey angeles almuna

Every October, taudrey develops a special rose-accented collection in support of breast cancer awareness, proceeds of which are always donated to a local initiative focused on eliminating the deadly disease that impacts so many. But this after meeting the very special Angeles Almuna, the #taudsquad felt compelled to target this year's support efforts and directly help the special fighter.

We're honored and delighted to introduce Angeles to our family of #taudreygirls. Please read on if you're in the mood to smile and be inspired.

Angeles Almuna. Her first name says it all. She's an angel who has touched the hearts of many in Miami's fashion world and far beyond. Yet this angel doesn't wear wings. Nope! She prefers a broach-accented turban, eclectic and perfectly assembled outfits and a smile that can warm an ice princess. The #taudsquad learned of her brave breast cancer journey through social media and after meeting her in person, was moved to action by her strength and grace. 

In June of 2015, just one day after her birthday, the fashion influencer, photographer and blogger was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Today, after 30 radiation treatments, 16 chemotherapy treatments and three surgeries, she continues in her fight while sprinkling inspirational goodness on everyone she meets.

The creative finds solace in using social media to document her fight--for which she finds strength through empowering fashion statements and the support of friends. Angeles says she needs her style to be true and her friends to be close, to stay strong. Her fierce modern media displays, all raw, drenched in emotion and honest style, and marked with #fuckcancer #fightinstyle and #iamgoingtofightwithstyle, have activated awareness and evoked strength and the celebration of life among fighters, survivors and countless others.

This beautiful angel is not giving up her fight. She's fighting with and in style. And the #taudsquad is standing right behind her. A percentage of our 2016 Breast Cancer Collection's proceeds will be donated to support Angeles' fight. Additionally, we worked directly with her to design a very special necklace, hand stamped with "fight in style" and named in her honor. For a team that takes pride in jewelry with meaning, we can't think of anything more meaningful. The #taudsquad is also directly supporting the realization of a three-story mural by Miami Artist Rick Mastrapa (@abstrk, abstrk.com) that will enhance Miami's Design District neighborhood and feature what's come to be known as an iconic image of Angeles, as an artistic expression of breast cancer awareness. 

Join us in helping Angeles continue to shine her bright awareness light on the world. It's alarming to know that this disease impacts so many, but hopefully, if we all band together and #fightinstyle, we can make a significant difference.

Our hearts go out to everyone being affected by breast cancer, whether directly or indirectly. While our support this month is targeted towards one fighter, please know our efforts are aiming to assist an individual we strongly believe has a bright awareness light that's needed in our community and around the world.

Learn more about Angeles Almuna here and share your support on Instagram, @angelesalmuna

taudrey angeles almuna fight in style necklace

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 taudrey angeles almuna

taudrey angeles almuna

 Image credit: Yesi Flores