How to Transition into Fall with Jewelry

While some argue one can only transition into a fresh season through clothing, we beg to differ! The #taudsquad partnered with Miami Fashion Blogger Olivia Rodriguez to present how a smooth fall-season transition can be accomplished with five dainty jewelry pieces by taudrey. Watch the video below to learn how a little taudrey jewelry (two necklaces, one ring set, beaded bracelets, and a pair of sweeping earrings!) can take you a long way.

Get ready to fall into pumpkin-spice season. We're ready to catch you!

Shop these earrings: Hanging by a Thread

taudrey hanging by a thread earrings

Shop this bracelet set: Sabby Style

taudrey navy sabby style beaded bracelet

Shop this necklace: Rose Autograph Plate

taudrey rose autograph plate necklace

Shop this necklace: Mini Coin Crystal Necklace
taudrey mini coin crystal layered necklace 
Shop this ring set: Three-Ring Circus

three-ring circus multi-metal ring stack