Stay Golden Anklet Set
Bold jewelry might just be the hottest trend in 2022. Timeless, yet trendy, we all know that this trend will n-e-v-e-r go out of style. Whether you're layering on your pretties or letting a statement piece shine all on its own, these bold beauties are far from ordinary! Here are some tips on how the #taudsquad accessorizes bold jewelry!
Embrace your Zodiac Sign
Show off your personal zodiac sign with our Venus Plate Necklace! This statement piece has the ability to transform any look, no matter how minimal, and take it to the next level. Layer this pretty with our Smooth Operator Choker for the perfect bold gold look!
Make a Solid Statement
A delicate cuban link chain necklace like our Gold Standard (Small) Choker is one of the most versatile jewelry options you can get. Not only is it simply a subtle pretty for everyday wear, but it can also be more of a statement piece when layered with a bolder chain. Make it personal by adding our All Yours Necklace to flaunt your initial! What’s not to love about this layered look?!
Travel in Style 
Passport? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Perfect layered necklace? Check! Add our Next Destination Necklace to your travel checklist and prepare to conquer your dream destinations this season and beyond. Toss it on with our Smooth Operator Choker which will guarantee to make a statement!
Be Bold. Be You!
If you love mixed metals, the Silver Lining Choker is for you! This pretty features a classic mix of 14k gold and sterling silver beads and pairs effortlessly with any personalized pretty like our Make it Nice Necklace. Be bold and wear pretties as vibrant as your personality.
We all need friendly reminders to be bold and bright. And when that reminder is handcrafted by an all-female team and stylish, well, it's go time! Be bold, bright and beautifully you with our latest bold pretties collection!