Stay Golden Anklet Set

Party season is in full swing, and after quite the hiatus, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited to be back in the company of our nearest and dearest. The fact that we can now fill our itineraries with things we’ve missed for a few months (ok, more) brings a BIG sigh of relief.

What’s got us even more excited? We can finally plan outfits that don’t involve yoga pants and sweatshirts! Yes, we love our casual gear, but let’s face it — that LBD has been wondering where you’ve been for a while now. How to glam it up for the season? Here are a few styling ideas to keep in mind for everything on your itinerary.

Break out the Sparkles

Yep, can’t say no to something sparkly. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you want to wear something dazzling and sequined up to the office holiday party with a pair of wide-leg pants or go for full-on gleam in our Glitz and Glam Choker, which is suitable to wear anywhere, any day, with anything. Layer it with our Happiness (Thin) Necklace & Goth-a Have It Necklace for the ultimate holiday look! Who knew all that shine could be so versatile?

 Celebrate with Color

Color, color everywhere! We can’t resist it — at any time of the year. The holiday season gives us excuses galore to slip into our best reds and greens. But you aren’t limited to traditional colors only. Have some fun experimenting with radiant emerald, rich navy, or soft rose. We are loving our Crown Jewel Earrings-perfect for anything casual to full-on glam outfits.

Make a Solid Statement

Glamour doesn’t have to be over the top. You can totally have your red carpet moment even by taking a more subtle approach. Think minimal, yet substantial. Our Ring the Alarm (thin) Ring brings the gleam, and the fabulousness. What’s not to love?

Glamming up for the season hasn’t been this fun in a long time! We’re here for it, #taudreygirls, and we can’t wait to see how you put your own personalized touch on dressy style!