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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and since we’re all about getting personal around here, we are doing just that. As a company, we strive to highlight the importance of mental health and silence associated stigmas, while celebrating personal victories in hopes to inspire. From starting our team meetings with a daily gratitude to meditation breaks accompanied by cafecito, we prioritize our mental health at the Jewelry Box.

Here are 5 ways the #taudsquad improves their own mental health.

tiffany, the #taudboss
Mommying & owning a business isn't always as easy as it seems! I was hesitant on trying CBD, and a bit of a skeptic at first, but all of the positive chatter around the remarkable results peaked my interest! The best way I can explain how CBD gummies (fave brand: Charlotte's Web) helps is that it just takes the edge off at the end of the day. The weight on your shoulders is lighter. Your patience fuse is longer and your exhaustion level is manageable!
As a team, we've implemented daily meditations found on the Peloton app which allows to us disconnect for a few minutes! I also start each day by journaling in my
Rachel Hollis Start Today Journal! It helps me to narrow down my goals and set expectations, and gives me both clarity and confidence.
jen, our showroom manager
At the end of a long day, running has always been a savior when I’m stressed out or need a mental getaway. I blast one of my playlists (or the new Bad Bunny album) and get out a run on the good ol’ pavement.
Another way I escape reality is by going to the beach to lift my mood and energy levels. There is no better feeling of satisfaction every time you walk on wet sand, feel the ocean breeze on your face, and smell the saltiness of the sea.
isa, our brand & marketing manager
For me, there is nothing better than pouring myself a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, ordering big eye tuna crispy rice from Pubbelly Sushi, and watching the latest crime show on HBO Max.
Over the past months, I've focused on truly prioritizing being with myself and even booked my first solo trip to Savannah back in January! Savannah is my favorite destination when I want to hit pause and focus on clearing my thoughts.
wale, our lead crafter
There are very little things in life that a cafecito can't fix. In the mornings, I like to start my mornings with `fresh brewed coffee from my Nespresso machine. Add a touch of vanilla creamer and voilà!
Cleaning and organizing also distracts my worries. I will plan out a part of my home to organize, or better yet, schedule a deep-cleaning of the house on a Saturday afternoon. And when I’m done, and can lay down and be still in a clean home, I feel at peace and tired enough to relax!
grace, our head of collections
Exercise. As we all know, life can get hectic so I get up early and take an Orange Theory class. There's something about doing it first thing in the morning makes it even more effective! Apple Watch people will understand… completing your exercise and move goal all before 7 a.m. is incredible!