Stay Golden Anklet Set
If there’s one thing to know about taudrey, we’re nowhere near ordinary when it comes to our b-day. Some may celebrate their bday only on the day of, or others may celebrate their entire bday week; in taudrey, the festivities have only just begun because we’re partying all month long!
For a quick taudrey run-down, every piece is designed, crafted, personalized, and presented by the all-female Latina team from our Miami showroom lovingly called “The Jewelry Box.” So, on our second bday week, we are going to toast to Grace!
Sitting right next to Wale in the crafter's room, Grace is the visionary who designs our pretties with her Cuban and Greek islander roots that when combined blossom golden pretties. 
1. Isle of Paradise
If you know me, I believe there's nothing better than tan! Isa from the team recommended these Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops and have been using it non-stop! Picture this.. you buy these glow drops and instantly look like you just got back from an Exumas vacation… Buy these magical drops if you want to look like a sun-kissed tropical goddess!
2. YSL concealer
The YSL All Hours is one of the best concealers I have used so far! It blends seamlessly into your skin — perfect for those hot summer days where you just want a little pick me up, or days where you only have time to freshen up a bit
3. Fave Nespresso Pod
I've been loving the Nespresso pod from Uganda! It has a quite distinct taste that puts it apart from all other flavors I've tried. If you're a coffee lover, you've gotta try it!
4. Morning Workouts
I am part of that crazy 5 a.m. Orange Theory class and it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself! I work out, pick up the house, and get the kids' stuff ready for the day all before 7 a.m.
5. Best Hand Sanitizer
The Touchland Hand Sanitizer is a bit pricey but in my opinion, it’s the best one out there. It doesn't dry out your hands or leave a sticky residue
6. Yeti Tumbler
I'm in love with my new “Bimini Pink” Yeti tumbler! I use this one every morning to keep my coffee warm. I have a slight cup addiction, especially Yetis. I also love to put my taudrey stickers on them ;)
7. The Perfect Summer Sandal
Influenced by our girl, Kelly Saks, I purchased these Samantha Flat Strappy Lace-Up Sandals from The Drop which go with every outfit!
8. Essential Beach Tote
I bought the Mark & Graham Waterproof Tote at the beginning of summer and use it every weekend! It’s big enough to throw all your boat or beach day essentials without worrying about getting it ruined by the water! If you want to make it personal, they even offer embroidery!
9. On Time Watch Band
I usually wear my Apple Watch every day and wanted to create a versatile and neutral band that goes with every outfit! The On Time Watch Band pairs well with any day-to-night look!
10. Summer Soirée Stack
Inspired by the sunrise, salty days, and summer nights, the Summer Soirée Stack is the pretty of the season!
11. Seek Peace Necklace
The Seek Peace Necklace is an essential necklace to layer with any taudrey pretty! Customize it with a variety of peace signs or crosses to create your own mix!
12. Better with a Tan Choker
From the coral accents to freshwater pearls, this Better with a Tan Choker is perfect for saltwater, sand, and everything in between!
13. Taudrey Girl Studs
Our new taudrey Girl Initial Stud Earrings are the daintiest way to make it personal! I've been loving wearing them on my second piercings.