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Stay Golden Anklet Set
taudrey is officially a teenager! And we would like to raise a glass to our childhood days and it’s only right to toast to each member that makes up the #taudsquad.
It’s an honor to say that every woman that is part of the #taudsquad collective makes up the helping hand that extends to make a handcrafted difference in all women’s lives, one pretty at a time.
For a quick taudrey run-down, every piece is designed, crafted, personalized, and presented by the all-female Latina team from our Miami showroom lovingly called “The Jewelry Box.” In the crafter's room, we have the Wonderwoman who assembles pretties with a tropical Puerto Rican flare. Here are 13 things she's loving this month!
1. Bad bunny album
If you want to know what it feels like to be in Puerto Rico during the summer, this is the album for you. 'Un Verano Sin Ti' has been on repeat at the showroom since the release! There's no better music to listen to while I craft your pretties!
2. My Go-to Starbucks Drink
I don’t know about you but I love Starbucks. And I think the Starbucks iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso is one of their best coffee creations ever! Did you know you get half-off cold beverages on their app every Tuesday this month?!
3. T3 SinglePass Wave Styling Wand
The T3 Singlepass Wave Styling Wand has made my life so much easier! The curl holds so well with no touch-ups needed.
4. DND Red Color
Officially declaring DND Red Color the shade of the summer! This fire-bright creamy red-orange lacquer serves up fond memories of days at the beach.
5. My Go-To Lunch
The guacamole greens bowl is always fresh + satisfying for hot summer days! Roasted chicken, avocado, tomatoes, tortilla chips, spring mix + more. Hungry yet?
6. Best Addition to the Family
A few months ago we decided to add a furry friend to our family! Our cat Winter is full unconditional love and has been the best companionship
7. Lash Extensions
For me, lash extensions have been the easiest way to simplify my morning routine! Luckily, my daughter is a licensed lash & brow artist!
8. Under the Sun Necklace
Accented with a mix of pearls, gold-filled beads and colored beads, my Under the Sun Necklace is the perfect pretty for your next beach vacay!
9. Under the Sun Bracelet Set
When creating my collection, I wanted to integrate the bright colors and tropical flair of Puerto Rico! The Under the Sun Bracelet Set has been my favorite arm party for the summertime.
10 Salio El Sol Anklet
spend $75 site-wide and receive this colorful 'Salio el Sol' Anklet! Offer ends TONIGHT, 7/10!
11. Clear Skies Bracelet
The Clear Skies Bracelet is the most perfect on-trend addition to any taudrey bracelet! Pair it with the Under the Sun Bracelet Set to make a statement!
12. Clear Skies Choker
The Clear Skies Choker combines small white beads and clear asymmetrical beads to create your next essential choker for the summer!
13. Make it Personal Plate Necklace
Our new Make it Personal Plate Necklace is a combination of everything we love most here at the Jewelry Box. I've been loving the new Dainty Script Font to personalize!


Written by: Daniela Castañeda