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We love moms! And so with Mother's Day (one our favorite holidays!) approaching, we're dedicating a full week to beyond-amazing moms and beyond-amazing taudrey pieces at great discounts. 

Each day, we'll tell you a bit about a special #taudreymom and present a special (mom-perfect!) style at a significant discount. So check back here each day to get inspired by an ambitious working mom and learn what special taudrey piece is being offered at 20% off. 


Day 7 Momma Bear: Roxanne Vargas  

The vibrant mommy of two, lifestyle and entertainment reporter and host of NBC 6 South Florida's 6 in the Mix, answers our seven questions.

taudrey mom week mothers day promotion roxanne vargas nbc 6


1. Children’s names and ages? Julian is 3 and Sebastian is 1.

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? When they look at me, it’s like they don’t see anyone else in the room. The connection is incredible, it's such a blessing. My boys and I know each other like no one else. I mean...I made them! I know what they want and need, when they need it and why, before they even know it! When I say connection, that includes my husband, Danny. We've been together for 14 years and these incredible boys are the fruits of our love. We take in the joys together and survive the stresses of parenthood together. We're all stronger because we have each other.

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? It's SO tough!!! Part of my awesome job as host of 6 in the Mix, is telling great stories, on a deadline. It's a stretch, but I apply some of that at home to achieve some balance. I can be at my desk writing all day, so I give myself a deadline to leave work so that I can get home and make the most out of the end of the day with the boys. I also minimize the technology at home, and that's where the storytelling comes in. We tell each other stories about our day. Sebastian is just 1, so he laughs along. We're all so busy during the week, so those moments to disconnect and reconnect with each other are so important and mean a lot.

4. What inspires you? The flavor of life. The gifts we've been given. Everything I see and touch and taste inspires me. My boys' laughs, their cries, every milestone they hit, inspire and move me. Experiencing those times - and experiencing the quiet moments - with my husband, is the most inspiring of all.

5. What do you love most about taudrey's Keeping up with the Kennedys Bracelet? It’s so beautiful. It's classy, it's contemporary, it’s me! Not many pieces encompass all those attributes in one. I mean, this piece is a nod to American royalty! The mother-of-pearl beads add class, and my charm is stamped with a glass of “vino,” mama’s favorite! That’s where the “contemporary” and “me” part come in. I stack it too. I love an arm party, though I try to refrain from stacking too much for work because it’ll make noise on air. I always wear my Fashionista's Diary Set because each bangle is stamped with special dates. It’s a mix and match of fun, fierce and fabulous!

6. Guilty pleasure/mom-break activity? Did I mention I love vino? I mean, there's a wine glass symbol stamped on my Keeping Up with the Kennedys charm after all! I love a pie of pepperoni pizza, paired with a good bottle of Cabernet, on the couch with the hubby and kids safely tucked in bed! Now that’s a break this mama loves! Keep the refills on the Cab coming please!

7. Funniest mom moment? Pulling up to the 2013 Emmy awards, in a long beautiful black dress, accessorized with a traveling breast pump book bag over my shoulder. It was my first event after having Julian and I was still nursing. I had to excuse myself twice during the black-tie event, breast pump book bag in tow, and had to pump right by the bathroom sinks because that's where the outlet was. No one multi tasks like mom!


Day 7 taudrey piece:  Keeping Up with the Kennedys Bracelet   

Perfect for the mom with classic style, this sophisticated, personalized pearl-beaded pretty was presented today at 20% off on April 30.

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Day 6 Momma Bear: Destiny Thompson  

The stunning mother of two and noted fashion blogger behind trulydestiny.com, answers our seven questions.

taudrey mom week mother's day promotion destiny thompson blogger truly destiny


1. Children's names and ages? Truman (2.5) and Tatum (8 weeks old)

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? Ahhh... everything. Being a mom is seriously my biggest blessing. Being able to raise these precious, tiny humans means everything to me. I just love that my kids truly know how much their mama loves them!

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? Definitely by always having a schedule and trying my best to stick to it! Making a weekly schedule is the only way I can stay organized to get work done in between park dates and baby cuddles. But I always remember that no matter what, motherhood comes first and that there is nothing that takes precedence over my sweet babies!  

4. What inspires you? DEFINITELY MY FAMILY. Everything I do is for them. They inspire me to always try my best and to be genuine. It's kind of hard to put yourself, and your family, out there at times. But at the same time, I hope to keep my tiny space on the internet positive and uplifting, and hope to possibly, in some way, inspire those who are following.  

5. What do you love most about taudrey's Destiny Necklace? I love my piece so much because I love the symbolism behind it, of my babies being huge pieces of my heart. Both of my babies' initials on the prettiest little hearts makes me SO happy to proudly display and wear.

6. Guilty Pleasure/Mom-break activity? I LOVE a long hot shower, going to the gym, or getting my nails done! Those are my go-to activities for when I need to unplug and take a moment for myself.

7. Funniest mom moment? Ok, this is more of a mom nightmare, but now I crack up every time I think about it! When Truman was about four weeks old, we took him to church for the first time. We were living in Metro Detroit and our closest church was about 30 mins away. We surprisingly made it on time and I was SO excited. Well, about 20 minutes in, Truman completely blew out all over me. I rushed to the mother's lounge and Truman was already upset and hungry. I quickly discovered I had not packed an extra outfit that day! I normally always had at least an extra onesie with me, but not that day. So, I stripped Truman down, cleaned him up, changed his diaper, and went to go feed him. I then realized my poop-covered dress was NOT nursing friendly, whatsoever. I literally had to strip down out of my dress to feed him! To make matters worse, someone came in to feed their baby and there I was, basically naked, with a naked nursing baby attached to my breast. Haha! Needless to say, I learned my lesson the hard way and have never left the house without plenty of extra clothes, OR the right attire since! HA!

Day 6 taudrey piece:  Destiny Necklace  

Ideal for the mommy of two, or three, this pretty-- which allows for personalization on either two or three heart-shaped charms-- was presented at 20% off on April 29.

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Day 5 Momma Bear: Rachel Novetsky  

The brand-new mommy, holistic health coach, yoga instructor, and the beauty behind yoga-based fashion company, Ana Heart, answers our seven questions.

taudrey mom week Mothers Day promotion Rachel Novetsky Ana Heart 

1. Child’s name and age? Satya, four months.

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? I Love how having a baby forces you to be in the moment and become very present.

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? Hmm... I'm not sure I'm balancing that well yet, lol. I try to be present with Satya and leave emails for when she is napping. This time is so short that I often have to remind myself.

4. What inspires you? Everything. Artists, fashion, feelings, colors, bodies, music. For Ana Heart, it's a combination of what is going to feel good and what look would I want to wear every day to practice in.

5. What do you love most about taudrey's elastic hair cuffs? They're adorable! #hairjewelry. I'm into it!

6. Guilty pleasure/mom-break activity? Date night is Thursday with my husband. Something I use to take slightly for granted, is very special and sacred now.

7. Funniest mom moment? I was just in the Bahamas and Satya had a moment at the beach. Spit up and sand and eating her sunscreen. At first, I felt frustrated but ended up hosing her down with her clothes and diaper and she just loved every moment. Not everything has to be perfect and sometimes, a time like this, sopping wet baby, heavy wet diaper and her huge huge smile, reminds us to just laugh.


Day 5 taudrey piece:  Mom Life Elastic Hair Cuff 

For the active mommy, this stunner, which adds style to a top knot like no other, was presented at 20% off on April 28.

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Day 4 Momma Bear: Lauren Golt  

The brand-new mommy and founder of full-service creative marketing boutique, Social Stylate, answers our seven questions.  

taudrey mom week mother's day promotion Lauren Gold Social Stylate


1. Child’s name and age? Hudson, 7 weeks

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? Every time I look at him I think, wow. That feeling is the best.​

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? ​By juggling, prioritizing and taking deep breaths! It's not easy breast feeding, while responding to emails and designing an email blast, but you just make it work. I recently interviewed Beth Buccini, owner of Kirna Zabete - she shared a story about how she once had to change her son's diaper while in the Givenchy showroom. It might not always be glamorous, but being an entrepreneur and a mom can work!

4. What inspires you? So much...my mom, my business partner, Carroll​, creative women, travel, fashion, old movies...I try to be a sponge and absorb everything I can.

5. What do you love most about taudrey's Skinny Autograph Plate? Aside from the fact that it has my son's name on it (swoon!) I love how great it looks layered with other pieces. I never have to take it off!​

6. Guilty Pleasure/Mom-break activity? Right now it's taking a long hot shower. I put on a podcast (loving "Anna Faris Is Unqualified") and ​enjoy 15 minutes to myself.

7. Funniest mom moment?​ Well I have a son...so getting peed on in the midst of changing a diaper...all you can do is laugh.

Day 4 taudrey piece:  Skinny Autograph Plate

Ideal for the mom with simple yet stunning style, this dainty, easy-to-layer and hand-stamped pretty was presented today at 20% off on April 28.


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Day 3 Momma Bear: Maria Tettamanti  

The mother of two, fashion influencer and hilarious blogger behind TheWordyGirl.com, answers our seven questions.   

taudrey mom week blog maria tettamanti the wordy girl mother's day promotion

taudrey mom week maria tettamanti the wordy girl third times a charm necklace


1. Kids' names and ages: Ava is 10 and Yiani is 7.

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? I love the grand idea that I created these little humans who will hopefully grow up and do amazing things. Being a mom also means seeing your heart dance outside you — even when it’s something as simple as seeing my son strum a guitar.

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? I’m big on time blocking. Meaning, I work and workout during the school hours, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. I try my hardest not to work or respond to emails once the kids are home, as they deserve my full attention. I feel like it’s imperative to compartmentalize my life — when I work, I focus 100% on work. When the kids are home, it’s all about them. I can’t do both at the same time. They aren’t symbiotic. I am a strong believer that multi-tasking is both inherently unhealthy and bad for the soul.

4. What inspires you? Traveling. There’s something about being in new and unfamiliar surroundings that get my creative juices flowing. If you know me... I’m never home for more than a month. The travel bug in me is strong!

5. What do you love most about taudrey's Third Time's a Charm Necklace? I love that I have the names of the people that mean the most to me close to my heart! I’m also obsessed with yellow gold right now.

6. Guilty Pleasure/Mom-break activity? I’m big on “mental health days” at Soho Beach House with my gal pals. We’ll order up a bottle of rosé, laugh, talk about our worries, tan, and take cathartic dips in the ocean. Bliss!

7. Funniest mom moment? My kids make me laugh with the quirky things they say all the time! Most recently, my daughter told me I was “crazy” for watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians." She’s right! 


Day 3 taudrey piece:  Third Time's a Charm Necklace 

This darling, longer-style necklace, which can be generously personalized on three shiny gold charms, was presented at 20% off on April 26. 

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Day 2 Momma Bear: Violette de Ayala 

The gorgeous mother of three and Founder and CEO of FemCity, a professional women business network helping female entrepreneurs, answers our seven questions!

taudrey mom week fem city ceo violette de ayala


1. Kids’ names and ages? Christoph, 23; Bianca, 17; and Margaux, 10

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? I am raising awesome humans that will change the world.

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? I do a lot of self care and have scheduled moments of downtime and recharging activities. Date night is my savior!

4. What inspires you? When humans show their greatest level of humanity and empathy towards other humans.

5. What do you love most about your piece? That it was created by Tiffany!

6. Guilty Pleasure/Mom-break activity? The Spa!

7. Funniest mom moment? Every moment with my kids is a funny moment… my version of motherhood is a comedic sitcom 24/7.

Day 2 taudrey Piece: The Boss Lady Arm Party 

This special bracelet, ideal for the boss mom, features our best-selling pearl and crystal-beaded bracelets together for a killer combo, and was presented at 20% off on April 25, 2017. 

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Day 1 Momma Bear: Kristine Ferradas Reyes  

The stunning powerhouse behind renowned Miami boutiques Savvy and Soul Mate, and darling mother of twins, answers our seven questions!



1. Child’s names and ages: Luna and Dylan, 21 months old

2. What is your favorite aspect of being a mom? Everything about being a mom is a blessing. Waking up every morning knowing I have another day with my children is the greatest gift. Life has more meaning and substance with them around. I love being able to watch them enjoy all of life's simple pleasures. Every holiday is that much more meaningful and special because I am so blessed to be able to share it with my children. My life feels complete and my heart feels whole.

3. How do you balance work and motherhood? Balancing work and motherhood has definitely been a challenge, but at the end of the day my children and husband are my support system. Having my children has only pushed me and motivated me to work that much harder.

4. What inspires you? Growing up, my mom always taught us to do everything with love. She constantly reminded us that what you do with love, will turn to blessings. Love and passion are what drive and inspire me each and every day. I have been so blessed to be able to do what I love, and now I have the ability to share what I started 10 years ago with my children. My goal is to be able to pass down this advice to my kids and remind them that doing things with love and passion will always lead to success. 

5. What do you love most about taudrey's Fashionista's Diary Set? Taudrey's jewelry pieces are so beautiful and special. When something is personalized, you can hold it close to your heart. The bangles are a daily reminder of what means the most to me.

6. Guilty Pleasure/Mom-break activity? Luckily, I have the best team of girls to work with. One of my favorite things to do is enjoy a glass of wine after a long day of work and just have girl time.

7. Funniest mom moment? The first six months of having twins was such a blur. At one point, I reached over to grab Advil from my night stand, yet was so delirious from the lack of sleep, that instead of the Advil, I popped a pair of earrings into my mouth and nearly swallowed them!


Day 1 taudrey Piece: The Fashionista's Diary Set 

This special bangle set, able to be generously personalized and featuring three enviable tones, was presented at 20% off on April 24, 2017.

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