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Stay Golden Anklet Set

Mother's Day is the day when moms get a chance to revel in all their mommy glory. It's the one time of the year when everyone takes a moment from themselves to dedicate time and extra love to mommas. And so, yes, it's one pretty special and important day. And because of its significance, sometimes shopping for Mom Day can seem daunting. But don't you worry, we've got you covered! 

Read on for 10 great personalized gifting ideas and get ready for mom's happy tears.

Oh, and did you know we can include gift wrapping with any order for just $4? Got your own wrapping plans? No problem! At least take advantage of our complimentary Mother's Day card. Simply add the free product to your shopping cart. And don't forget, because every taudrey item is made by hand and with lots of love, the deadline for Mother's Day orders is May 2, 2017.

1. The Third Time's a Charm Necklace

For the sentimental momma bear, this longer-styled piece offers generous personalization. With options to include a date and several names, we promise it will give mom all the feels. Plus, she can where it all the time -- from carpools to date night. Sorry, tissues not included. 

taudrey mother's day gift guide third time's a charm necklace personalized gold

2. An Elastic Hair Cuff

This one is for the non-stop moms. Or should we say, all of them. To say that moms have hectic lives is quite the understatement, and flowing hair doesn't make tasks easier. But luckily, a taudrey elastic hair cuff can save a momma's day and turn up her top knot with personalized perfection. Opt for our hand stamped Mom Life Elastic Hair Cuff (available for only a limited time!) or the Bun and Roses, which can be fully customized with any nickname or "short phrase (i.e., "Top Knot Today").

taudrey mothers day gifts top knot elastic hair cuff mom life

taudrey mothers day gift guide elastic hair bun cuff personalized

3. The Mommy Cuff

If you have a new mommy in your life, this one's for her. There's pretty much nothing she wants more than this sweet gold cuff. Well, I mean, except probably sleep. This stunning cuff is hand stamped with a baby's full birth details. It doesn't get more sweet than that.

taudrey mothers day gift guide mommy cuff birth details

4. The Best Mom Bracelet

This gold-beaded pretty is ideal for the mommy who has no shame in sharing with the world that she's the absolute best. And honestly, we wanna party with this sassy and confident momma! She'll shine bright with this piece, which features a large gold charm that's hand stamped to read "best mom," and lots of shiny gold beads.

taudrey mothers day gift guide best mom bracelet gold beaded

5.  A Personalized Pearl Bracelet

This idea is for the mom who loves herself some pearls. She likely also loves a crisp white-collared shirt and throws sass with a fierce red lip. We recommend going with the all-time favorite Jackie Kennedy Bracelet, or the more casual adaptation, the Keeping up with the Kennedys Bracelet. Both are stunning and can be personalized.

taudrey mom day gift guide jackie kennedy pearl bracelet

taudrey mother's day gift guide keeping up with the kennedys bracelet

6. The Destiny Necklace

Mother's Day perfection for a mommy of two or three, this necklace (offered in gold, rose gold, silver, and three-tone!) can be made with two or three heart-shaped charms, all of which can be hand stamped with initials. With this pretty, momma bear can wear her cubs right next to her heart. 

taudrey mothers day gift guide destiny necklace heart stamped with kids intials

7. A Skinny Plate/Bar Necklace

This one's for the mom with simple yet stunning style. An oh-so-dainty "skinny" necklace (hand stamped to perfection and able to be layered with other stunners) will warm her heart like no other. We recommend going with the Skinny Autograph Plate, which can be hand stamped with a child's name or the momma's name. But we also love the Skinny Date Plate, which can be hand stamped with a special birthdate or multiple birth years. Both styles are available in gold, rose gold and silver.

taudrey mom day gift guide mothers day ideas name plate bar necklace

taudrey mothers day gift guide date plate necklace hand stamped with date

8. An Arm Party

Does the momma in your life love to party? Or better yet, is she the life of the party? If you answered yes, than trust us, she wants an arm party for Mother's Day. Oh, and can you tell her we want to be her friend!? If she's a bit more bold, we suggest the Boss Lady Arm Party, which features two of our best-selling pearl bracelets and a personalized beaded set in silver. And if she's more subtle and prefers the term "soiree," go for the Star Studded Arm Party, which features five dainty pieces with crystals, petite pearls and a personalized gold-star charm.

mothers day gift guide boss lady arm party taudrey beaded bracelet set and pearls

taudrey mothers day gift guide star studded arm party bracelet stack

9. The Tied in Love Tie Scarf

Ideal for the trendsetting mom (i.e., the mom you steal clothes and accessories from), this versatile piece--designed with top Miami Blogger Evelyn Torres-- can be worn as a neck scarf, fabric choker, wrap bracelet, headband, or even handbag accent! Plus, it can be personalized and made unique for that one-of-a-kind momma. 

taudrey mothers day gift guide tied in love tie scarf by evelyn torres brickellista

10. A Bangle Set

A taudrey bangle set is the best Mother's Day gift for the mom who has a lot to share with the world, as each bangle can be fully personalized with names, dates (in standard numbers or Roman numerals), quotes, and/or phrases. Our best seller is the Fashionista's Diary Set --designed with Fashion Blogger Lauren Ashely Patao--, yet we also can't get enough of its "skinny" counterpart, the Pretty Please Bangle Stack. Both sets feature one bangle in gold, one in rose gold and one in silver. 

taudrey mothers day gift guide fashionistas diary set three piece bangle set personalized

taudrey mothers day gift ideas personalized three tone bangle set pretty please stack