Stay Golden Anklet Set
We know Mother's Day can be overwhelming. There's a lot of pressure to thank mom for each and every amazing thing she's done your entire life. But don't worry. You have the #taudsquad! And we're making life easy with a detailed gift guide that will point you in the right direction and even present tips on how to best personalize.

For the expecting mom:

Celebrate the baby on the way with this pretty that you can personalize with a birth flower. So sweet and unique, different than a birthstone

    For the new mom:

    She's just given birth and all she wants, besides a full-night's rest and free supply of diapers, is a special pretty that represents the most meaningful moment of all. This perfect-for-new-mom piece features birth details hand stamped on a dainty necklace. Both stylish and ultra-significant, it's truly the best "push present" ever.

    For the dainty and delicate mama: 

    This piece is a collaborative effort by taudrey and lifestyle and wellness influencer, Tenley Molzahn Leopold. Tenley, A three-time runner-up on Bachelor franchise shows, this “America’s Sweetheart” traded in roses for an even richer life as a toddler mama and surfer’s wife. The San-Diego based toddler mom influencer lives a full life based around holistic nutrition and wellness as a gluten free expert, sharing a side of affordable fashion finds, lifestyle hacks, with a great desire to bring hope and so much joy by sharing her daily life.

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    For the dog mom:
    Dog moms are moms! They care, love and provide and so deserve all the credit in the world. Hey, sometimes taking care of a pup can be ruff. Sorry, we had to! Gift the darling dog lover in your life this pretty. She'll love it almost as much as her furry other half.

    For the trendy mom: 
    She loves to layer and look good while taking care of her babies. Plus she deserves it all for all the hard work and love she provides!

    For the grandma: 
    We could write an entire book on just how much we adore grandmothers. They are the leaders of all a family's love, have the greatest advice and give the warmest hugs. They deserve the absolute greatest version of Mother's Day appreciation! For "grandma, she can have all her grandchildren on 1 necklace

    For the aunties:
    Aunts and "tias" (aunts in Spanish) are the absolute best. They offer a special kind of love that can't be measured but can always be appreciated! Don't forget her this Mother's Day! For the "auntie," here is the perfect way to share how grateful you are for them!
    For the mom who’s angel is in heaven:
    We love this piece because you can personalize it with angel wings, rainbows, and more. This piece is a collaborative effort by Taudrey and influencer, Paula Mazet, from MommasinPajamas. Paula is a boy mom to Gary and also married to her husband Gary, they live in Maryland with their three dogs. This pretty is part of Taudrey's Mother's Day Collection, Paula's biggest inspiration for this piece was EVERY Mother.  She wanted to design a piece for all the women out there, the dog moms, the amazing aunts, the grandmothers, the godmothers, the moms who are doing everything they can to be a mom, the mother's who have experienced loss, the moms to one and the moms to five. This necklace is for "every mom" in your life. This Mother's Day, treat your favorite women with this beautiful, customizable, charm necklace.

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