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Stay Golden Anklet Set

It’s been over 13 years of taudrey. It's hard to believe but it feels like just yesterday we were getting started! A lot has changed over the years but one thing has remained the same - our love for growing, evolving, and elevating the brand. Really, she grows as we've all grown! But most importantly, we love to continue improving and becoming the best we can to our community and taudrey girls which is why we decided it was time for a serious glow up in 2023.... 

This week we are SO excited to roll out the brand new taudrey.com website, a new logo and a whole new look! The best part? It's just in time for our busy Mother's Day season. Here's a look at the taudrey logo evolution over the last 13 years! We've come a long way haven't we?

And it’s not just our “look” we are improving, we strive to always offer the best quality of materials, top customer service, and have a relationship with our customers we call our taudrey girls. We have so many incredible things coming your way this year including a new playa collection, tons of in person events and other exciting news that we can't share yet!

Check out what a few of our taudrey girls are saying about their experience over the years: 

Ever since I found Taudrey, I can't imagine my life without your pieces. The quality is outstanding. I have pieces over a few years old worn daily that look just as new. The intention behind every piece and the craftsmanship is so beautiful that I love sharing it with all my girls. I've gotten family and friends to become Taudrey girls as well and it makes me so proud. This girl right here is a Taudrey Girl for life! - Isa G. Ibars

I'm such a fan of your beautiful collections. This boy mom is a local supporter of women's small business efforts with huge hearts and admiration for your attention to detail. #TaudreyFan - Glenda Garrido

It goes without saying that I LOVE EVERYTHING TAUDREY!!! I love the Pearls, Colors, Gold, and the collaborations (especially Kelly!!). But, most importantly the meaning for each piece to the person making it for me. And most importantly the interaction during The Sips and Shops. You definitely have me for life. Your friend always, Nancy

And those are just a few. At the end of the day, we do what we do because of you, our taudrey girls. We are always so inspired by you, love meeting you in person at events and hope to connect with more of you in this upcoming year. cheers to always growing, evolving, and improving!