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Inspired is an understatement. Our new inspirational pretties can be worn from your shoes to your arm, to your neck all the way to your iPhone! Plus we’ve got some best sellers that we think you’ll love as well in this year's collection. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite new items!
Stride with Confidence Charm
The one you've been waiting for taudrey girls! These super limited 14k gold-filled heart shaped charms come with large rings for easily attaching to you shoe laces. They are the perfect way to stay inspired and also make an incredible gift!
Live in the Moment  Charm
In true taudrey fashion, we've found something else to accessorize! This beaded charm strap is adorned with a pearlized disco ball, and is equipped with a fastening so it can be used to accessorize a phone, bag or keychain.
Slay Hard Anklet
This anklet is crafted from 14k gold-filled material, featuring a double-layered construction, and measuring up to 10 inches in length. It's the perfect accessory when you need a little extra confidence in your step!