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Stay Golden Anklet Set

As we head into Women’s Month, I always love to reflect and lean into our core values. But for myself and the team, it expands beyond the month of March. It’s a way of being and a value that gives taudrey purpose and meaning. You see, the team and I love to create pretties that empower, spread joy, and hold special memories for our taudrey girls. 

We love to give back in as many ways, and as often as we can. Whether it’s hosting a bracelet-making workshop at our local women’s homeless shelter, The Lotus House, or giving back monetarily throughout the year- it’s what fills our cup. 

We are so grateful that through our special initiative of The Pretty Impactful Movement, we were able to create over 800 pretties and will be donating over $800 to one of our favorite charities, She’s The First

Now we don't share this as a means of self-praise. We share this so that you know we're committed, and will continue to be committed to our community. And we encourage you to do the same.

Give back when you can. Because while we love a good gold pretty, the world would be a whole lot prettier if we layered on giving like we do jewelry.

Learn more about our Pretty Impactful Movement and all our amazing collaborators here!

For every jewelry piece sold in this collaboration, $1 will be donated to She’s The First, an organization that empowers and educates girls globally.